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Hi Everyone, how are you doing?

No matter what I do, God keeps drawing my attention to this blog. I’m tired of struggling and failing and flailing on this so I have a structure in my head I Am going to work with.

1: Write on Monday’s sharing videos from my YouTube channel that have gone up that week..

2: Write on Friday’s sharing Christian fiction writings God has given to me.

3: Write on Saturdays with main blog posts on Online Bible study, relationships or any other topics God gives you me. But you can be sure that in all this, all would be CHRIST CENTERED and committed to giving you the word of truth in a season where God’s undiluted word is scarce. God told me about this blog in the year 2015 to STAY FAITHFUL here as millions would come looking for the truth of God’s word here. I believe Him and I am ready to come back. Now that I have a plan. Please pray for me and I also pray the Holy Spirit breathes life over this blog and causes His life to come forth. May this blog live in Jesus name amen!


Now over to today’s blog post from last week’s video on my YouTube channel.

I shared last week on YouTube on my love and relationship Journey and how God delivered me from abusive relationships. If you have being a reader of this blog from years past then you know a bit of my story here Then you know I and God have had a JOURNEY on this love and relationship matter.

My story is still being written and I am amazed as God threads and guides it through to Showing forth His glory.

Please watch the testimony of how God delivered me from abusive relationships below:

Be blessed as you watch.

And I’ll see you here by Friday for our next blog post.

God bless you and have a wonderful week ahead!


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