YouTube: Encouragement While Waiting

Last week I fully intended to post videos on YouTube more than once… and I did upload more than once but I didn’t get around to posting the main video someone had asked me to upload on HOW TO INTERCEDE FOR SALVATION FOR YOUR LOVED ONES.

I am going to do that this week by God’s grace.

But this is my YouTube video upload rounds for last week!

1: Encouragement in the WAIT:

If you are currently waiting and believe the time for your marriage is HERE, I would love you to also go download the FREE preview of my new book “RIPE MARITAL PROMISES” here


This series is springing out from my book WHO AM I? A book that addresses IDENTITY and you need to read this book.

Remember that the MAKING A CASE FOR GOD’S DIVINE PROVISION WORKBOOK would be available FOR FREE on the blog this week!

You can also watch and pray along with the PRAYERS TO BREAK THE YOKE OF POVERTY we did on YouTube by tomorrow.

Have a blessed week ahead!

Lots of love,

Hephzibah Frances

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