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Youths Speak: Onansanya Oluwatobi Emmanuel

Hello all #WalkingInPurpose youths!
I’m so sorry I didn’t update the Awakening-youths section of the blog last week, I got all swamped with stuff (not really, my phone was dead, but let’s pretend that stuff came
I do hope that you all are still walking in line with the year’s tag right?
Or even if you haven’t started yet, you are right on track with plans to go all out with what God has placed in your heart to do?

youths speak
Today on youths speak interview, we will be reading the dreams of a young man I met while we were at NYSC camp(I did all the interviews while we were at camp)
I heard him sharing his testimony at NCCF and I just knew(don’t ask me how I knew) that I had to include him in “Youths speak”
I don’t know how I picked the youths for the interviews, but I guess deep calleth unto deep, yes? When you see a youth with “something” in them, you just know it.
So without “plenty talk talk,” let’s meet our youth for today…


Onasanya Oluwatobi..

Onasanya Oluwatobi..

Me: Please tell us a little about yourself…
Tobi: My name is Onasanya Oluwatobi Emmanuel.
I studied Computer Science in school, graduated in 2014 and I am currently in the banking profession.


Me: From Computer science to banking? I would love to hear the story of how that happened? 🙂
You know, most persons think that NYSC has outlived it’s usefulness, do you agree with that?
Tobi: No, NYSC is a perfect institution, you learn great moral ethics ranging from perseverance to discipline. The NYSC scheme has been a great platform for youth empowerment and cultural interaction.


Me: I’m a huge testament to the “youth empowerment” aspect of NYSC. I started thinking about businesses to start during NYSC year right from my time at camp.
But I would love to know, you believe that NYSC is still useful today, so please tell us in what ways it has inspired you to be a better youth even in the time you’ve spent in orientation camp…
Tobi: Trust me, I now have friends I have never seen before and just like I said earlier, this platform has been a plus for cultural interactions.
SAED, a derivative by NYSC is a great eye opener for youths craving to be an entrepreneur.
In a country with an economy “great” like Nigeria, the way forward is that we all start businesses and this is the aim of SAED.
Kudos to Mama SAED, the woman in charge of everything that pertains to entrepreneurship for corpers during NYSC camp in Ekiti State.


Me: I totally agree with you on the entrepreneurship drive NYSC has built in us(for those who would heed though)
Now, some Nigerians also think that resources are being wasted on youths as we have nothing tangible to offer the Nigerian society…do you agree with this?
Tobi: No.


Me: If you have a different thought process from the above, then please tell us in what way you are set apart from youths that have nothing to offer Nigeria?

Tobi: Aside from motivations from NYSC, trust me, I’ve always loved the idea of being an entrepreneur. All my life, I have lived with that orientation, plus I study a lot on how to be an excellent entrepreneur. The SAED has also been a learning point for me.
I’m starting my own firm immediately after NYSC next June/July and I am planning to be involved in agriculture.
I want to create a broadway of transporting raw foods from the rural to urban areas, so help me God.


Me: Big dreams! But then again, isn’t that what we need? God will indeed help you.
We’ll be letting you off soon, but finally, let’s talk about Naija…Do you still believe in Nigeria despite her attendant issues?
Tobi: Absolutely yes, I am what I say to myself just like Nigeria is what we call her. And so I say, together, we are great!


Me: please share your social media links with us…

Email –
Twitter: 2u_slim
Facebook: Onasanya Tobby.

Me: Thank you so much for being our guest today Tobi. I can’t wait to see your dreams come alive.

And that’s a wrap for today everyone.
I can’t explain what writing and reading about the dreams of these young folks do to me..yes, I am doing this for myself first, I am selfish like that 🙂

But seriously, I hope that your reading the dreams of young folks like yourself here on youths speak will inspire you to be more and do more.
And also help us to discard with the mind set that NYSC is a waste of time.
Youths like us are planning, learning and revving up to fly, even during NYSC.
We can do the same too.


I wish us all a year of fulfillment of our dreams.
Till next time on Awakening-youths/ Youths Speak section of the blog,
Much Love,


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