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How are you doing?

This week on YouTube I believe I had such a pause and wasn’t really able to settle down, film videos and do so much.. even on the blog too because if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that our ministry is in the midst of faith moves and I also was moving my stuff into the new ministry house GOD GAVE US! The testimony of this house is HERE.

I did do one YouTube video though by fire by force because I felt like God would have me do it yesterday.

If you are currently waiting for your Boaz, you can watch and pray with the streamed YouTube video here:


1: If you also follow me on instagram you must also have seen that my birthday comes up this coming Sunday, September 6th 2020.

We are getting set for my birthday worship on this coming Sunday September 6th 2020.I had wanted to throw it open to everyone but God has been leading me to *specific people* to invite and instructions keep coming….I believe with all my heart that day would be a prophetic day for all who God leads me to invite to come.

Those who pre-ordered for copies of *Ripe Marital Promises* would also be sent venue details to join us that day. Thinking about this day is a bit like when we had *Prayers for your future husband conference in year 2018* – the only difference is that He isn’t allowing me to throw it open to the public but still I believe this day would be a very prophetic day for people who have RIPE MARITAL PROMISES hanging over their lives and destiny. If that’s you please don’t miss this.

I know the grace on this work even though I am the vessel God uses for it. The testimonies of homes and marriages keep abounding TO THE GLORY OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I ask you to pre-order your copy between now and Saturday September 5th 2020 so we can quickly send you details to the venue (I believe God is leading me to do it this way SO ONLY THOSE who meet the specifications for this RIPE SEASON come).

Please preorder using the link below:

Or pay the 4500naira preorder price to:0153528160Frances okoroGtbankYou have to email me at if you order directly by paying into the bank account.

And also please share the flyer above so everyone God is saying needs this can come. If there is anything God is teaching me it’s to not Joke With prophetic seasons and times. They would come again but the turnaround can take another year. We want to be wise people who jump and align with what God is saying and see things done speedily and cut short in righteousness. There is no need to go around the same mountain twice.

God bless you and see as many as God leads us on Sunday September 6th 2020.

2: I am writing and making available for FREE for you a workbook on MAKING A CASE FOR GOD’S DIVINE PROVISION.

Watch out for it here on the blog.

I’d do my best to be present here on the blog this week as I actually have a lot of writing to do this week, but in the midst of that, also have a lot of carryover post to shell out including our new Christian Fiction series Dun-Dun, Life of a belly dancer.

I am praying God to give me divine speed in Jesus name amen!

Praying you a great week also in Jesus name, amen!

Lots of love,

Hephzibah Frances.

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