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The “H” Word

When I did a post about the article that was copied from my blog without due acknowledgement to the owner, “My Big Oga”,A friend of mine jokingly responded that;”I dey show myself o”
It was a joke and he was just teasing me and we laughed about it but as usual,that little incident spoke profoundly to me.

You see,I know I am worth a lot,afterall I am must be pretty amazing for God to say that I am the apple of His eyes and He even has my name tattooed on His Palm!(Hehehe,can u beat that?)

But I think there’s a pretty thin line between a healthy self-esteem and pride.
I do not think that throwing your weight around because of where God has placed you or because of your talents is the ish.
I think that being Humble&level-headed regardless of where God has placed you is an attribute that only truly great men possess.

So I got on my knees really fast and I prayed that:
God should grant me the Grace to remain everly humble;humble to my teeny weeny tiny roots.
That no matter where he takes me,I should always,always remember that I am just a tool,He is the creator and He alone deserves all the glory.
I prayed that I should never,ever be bigger than the shoes I am meant to wear;
And that I should never grow larger in my own eyes,than the niche that God wants me to fill.
God forbid that I lose my simple girl-next-door image.

I know you are wondering why I fell to my knees with such speed and alacrity…

Well,you remember the phrase-“Pride goes before a fall”?(Proverbs 16:8)
You Remember God says-“A broken spirit I’ll not despise”?(Psalm 57:17)
You remember-“God resisteth the proud but gives grace to the humble”?(James 4:6)

I am sure you also recall that David(the man after God’s own heart) was also big on Humility?
Ehen,even Jesus Christ himself,the very Son of God,you do know His second name is Humility?
All truly great men according to God’s standards had one thing in common-HUMILITY!

Yes,our God is big on Humility!
And guess what?
We have to be big on it too!

Because truly great men do not think that their “shoulders” are higher than everyone else’s.
They do not look down their noses on others.

Humility is the mother of truly great men.
And you do know you are great/will be great.
You are a child of God and being small as a child of God does not serve the World.
Let Humility be so ingrained into you,so much so that it could even be your name!

Have a healthy self-esteem but do not let the clay to ever grow bigger than the potter who designs it.

And so I hope you earnestly and sincerely join me to say this prayer:-
“Lord may I never ever,grow bigger in my own eyes than the niche u have created me to fill in this World.Grant me the grace to remain your ever humble servant and tool In Jesus Name,amen.

Remember,there are 6things which the Lord hates,7 which are an abomination to him.Including;-
A Proud Look…(Proverbs 6:16)

PS-I am also writing this post and keeping it for future reference because yeah,I know He is taking us places,because His thoughts towards of are thoughts of good and not of evil to give us an expected end(and I am sure our expected end is not to die without making a positive impact on this World)
His plans for us are to give us a(great) Future and hope…

So yes,we need His grace more than ever to Stay in our Lane!!
To remain everly Humble!
God help us all.

Hastalavista Dearies!
Happy Sunday!

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    October 13, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    Proud of u gurl. Good thing u heard n u shared so others will hear d word as well. Truly, only God deserves all d praises

  • Reply
    October 13, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    Thanks a lot Teggie.

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