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Why You Should Attend The Women At The Well July 2016 Meet!

It’s tomorrow guys!

Our single ladies meet is tomorrow!

If you still haven’t made up your mind, this will give you many reasons to do so…


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Remember when I wrote about the first TWTW Meet (please click here if you haven’t read it yet), I’m so excited to inform you that there will be another meet soon sooner soonest! The next TWTW Meet comes up 8 days from today – Saturday, 30 July 2016. Who is as excited as I am?!!


Like I said in the First Meet post, TWTW (The Women at The Well) started with about 8 ladies honoring Frances Okoro’s meet up invite on her blog

We were just ladies looking forward to having good girlfriend time sight-seeing the Nike Art Gallery, having godly conversations, and sharing ideas with each other. And boi, were we disappointed?

Nada! We left happier and more fulfilled than we imagined. That singular meeting has been more rewarding than I anticipated. Meeting these awesome ladies has turned my life around positively on several fronts, one of the tangible fruits being the birthing of this blog…


What seemed like a one off meet has since evolved and is continuously growing into what God has before time predestined it to be. After that first meet in November, 2015, we’ve had two subsequent ama-amazing meets (in Frances’ voice), in each quarter of this year – one in January at Kings’ Court, Victoria Island.and the second at National Arts Theater, Iganmu, both in Lagos.

This quarter’s upcoming meet is even more special because it’s the first TWTW Meet with a guest speaker. For the past three months, we’ve been having Bible studies on the theme“Marriage Today” and our guest speaker Mrs. Bola Essien-Nelson aka SALT (make some noise!!!), the formalDesperate Naija Woman, will be helping us round off this topic with God’s word and real life experiences.

Bola Salt Essien Nelson

Aunty Salt Essien-Nelson has been married for 23 Years and here’s a little profile on her to whet your appetite:

Bola Essien-Nelson is a working wife, mom and blogger turned published author living in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria. In 2009, her love for people and passion for writing gave birth to her blog ministry, The Salt Chronicles (formerly known as the ‘Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman’) which serves as a platform from where Bola does her best to encourage people to join her in her quest for Authentic Christianity. Bola’s draws her inspiration from all of the life going on around her. She truly believes that, if only we would pay attention, there is a lesson to be learnt from all our experiences; good, bad and even the downright ugly.

For three years, she wrote as the ‘Desperate Naija Woman’ but in January 2012, God gave her a new name. He called her ‘Salt’ sending her out with a new mission: To use the ‘Voice’ He had given her to draw lives to His Light. Her first book, in this new dispensation is a collection of fables titled ‘True Confessions’.


Haven’t met Aunty Salt in person but I’ve read a bit about her and heard amazing testimonies about her from friends who know her. All TWTW meets so far have been ama-amazing even with some challenges (like the last meet where we literally had some mortal combat with sandflies, lol), I know and feel it in my bones that this next Meet will be better than all the previous ones (our meets keep getting better and better!). Pretty, if you’re still contemplating about coming, please make up your mind already and come. I can assure you it’s going to be so worth your time! Better experienced than told!


Here’s Aunty Salt’s comment on Frances’ Facebook post about the upcoming meet:

“Thank you Frances, I’m super excited about this. But can I just say this right now:

Dear Ladies, Sistasmine, please don’t come looking for some Holier than thou woman who has all the answers. Cos I don’t o! But guess what? I know and love The One who does. And for a better part of the 23 years, my MGM and I have learned to let Him have the final say over our home, lives and marriage.

Easy? I’m sure you know it’s not. Doable? Yes. I stand to testify, especially when you agree not to craze at the same time. Lol!

Anyway, just thought to manage your expectations? as you come. I look forward to sitting with you as we learn together at the feet of the Founder of this thing called Marriage!”

So ladies, if you are within or around Lagos, desire to have a refreshing time out with other ladies with no airs coming in-between, and desire to have a closer bond with our first husband, Jesus Christ, please this special invite for you.

And our brothers please you are not left out oooo (even though you cannot attend yet) – please extend this invite to your sisters, girlfriends, colleagues and any single lady you care about.

Venue – Lekki Conservation Centre

Date – Saturday, 30 July, 2016

Time: 12.00 pm prompt

Activities: Sight-seeing, Godly fellowship, Panel Discussion on “Navigating the Single Life”, the Word on “Marriage Today”, Prayers, famzing and lots more

*Please take note that our venue Lekki Conservation Center takes a ticket fee of N1, 000 (One thousand naira), and that’s the only deal you have to pay for. (We’d sponsor everyone if we could, but soon sha :-)

To confirm your attendance, please send a mail

PS: The Women at The Well (TWTW) is about ladies who desire to be filled in and with Jesus; women who have a heart for God and desire to grow in Him. Women who recognize that only Jesus can fill them up and a husband or job or money can never do that for them. TWTW currently runs a whatsapp group where we have bible studies every Friday, prayers on Saturdays, praying in tongues on Sunday nights, and every other day for serving encouragements to ladies as they walk in Christ.

You can read more about ‘The Women at The Well’ Here

Look forward to meeting with you soon.

Much Love,


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  • Reply
    July 29, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    hello Frances been trying to send you a mail but it’s not going through. I would have really loved to be at the meet-up tomorrow but I reside in port Harcourt and also schooling here. please would it be possible for you to add me up on the whatsapp group. I really need such sisterhood at this time in my life. please consider my request and Let me know your reply. (Goodness-Mercy Weme, 08032137539)

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      July 30, 2016 at 8:02 am

      Oh okay dear.

      I wonder why the mail isn’t going through..did you try

      Okay, no problem, after the meet today, will add you up.

      Great to have you join us 🙂

  • Reply
    August 5, 2016 at 12:00 am

    I admire what you are doing and achieved so far.
    It is very important to enjoy your singleness. Have fun with like minded people and also share the love of God. It will build you up.

    You may not get a chance to enjoy all this especially after the first few years of marriage (husband, children, work). I pray God gives you the grace to keep the fire burning.

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      August 10, 2016 at 2:59 am

      Amen and amen…Thanks Tosin.

      And welcome to the blog…

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