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When He Says I Am With You (But Is That Enough For Us?)

I just got back from jogging and I jogged to Todd Dulaney’s “I’ll keep running to you”.
It’s an amazing song, one that should make every Christian jump for joy, except you are like me, who is actually going through “either follow people’s opinions or follow God”, and so it would actually make you tear up and almost cry even while in public.
I just inexplicably had tears shining in my eyes as I jogged and ruminated on a lot of things.


Firstly I read Gideon’s story at my quiet time this morning and when I asked God for a word, the one that came to heart was “I am with you”.
And it just took me back to last year during/after NYSC when I was studying David’s journey to the throne and the words “I am with you” popped out of the page.
Essentially, I realized that when God says “I am with you”, He means exactly that.
He doesn’t say where I am with you, He doesn’t say at what level, He is just saying that wherever you find yourself, the words and assurance that I am with you should be enough for you.


But I was just thinking to myself, “But is this enough for me?”.
I mean it has been established that I am the odd one out, the girl who goes to Law School and isn’t being led to practice Law.
The one who everyone asks “what do you do right now” and she’s at a loss for words because they mean it in terms of career.
The one who is almost getting trapped in the place of trying to do something to please her parents just so they would know that “she is doing something of worth”.


But then God says nothing in the light of all this but “I am with you”.
What does that mean?
Oh, I know what it means, He is with me right now, very present in this place where I stand and I am walking in His ways and the path He has ordained for me… BUT is that enough for me?


And so when I started jogging with the words “no matter what I face, I will keep running to you”… I just couldn’t help but almost cry.
Sometimes, it’s so difficult to run after Him.
Because His ways and even our ways keep conflicting with each other. And different voices come in to almost drown His own.
But He says “I am with you”.
Will you set your face on me and run after me?


I think I had the answer even with tears in my eyes because I reasoned, who else will be with me?
Who else would I rather be with?
You are the One I have been doing life with.
You are the One who sees me in the dark and wipes away the tears both in my eyes and heart.
Who else can know me like you do and love me like you do?
Running after someone else would be short changing myself and so, though I have tears in my eyes when I answer, yes I will keep running after you… there is nowhere else to go.
And yes “I am with you” is enough for me.
It’s been enough for me for more than a year now, and it’s still enough for me.


I am crying inexplicably as I type that but it’s the truth.
“I am with you Frances” is enough for me.
No one else would ever be with me the way you are anyway. And so I look all around, to the left, to the right, to parents, family, friends…. NONE of them can ever take your place.
I am left with “I am with you”.
And it’s enough.
It’s enough for me.

When He Says I Am With You (But Is That Enough For Us?) Click To Tweet


I wasn’t going to write on this this morning, I was going to share on “Conquering laziness on the path of purpose”. But I believe maybe this is for someone else, as well as for me.
Because while writing, I again was able to answer that question on whether “I am with you” is enough for me.
So maybe while you were reading, you were able to answer that question if it’s one God has posed or is posing right now to you.

So maybe while you were reading, you were able to answer that question if it's one God has posed or is posing right now to you. Click To Tweet
Even though the walk with God isn’t rosy (I’m still not sure if it’s ever rosy, lol), but I believe it’s the best one that we can ever have and if it seems like you are slipping, take a moment, breathe in and out and just decide to go all out, with “I am with you” being enough for you.
Have an amazing week ahead dears and remember, today is a good day to progressively become like Jesus Christ.


And if perhaps you need a boost to encourage you as you walk along God’s path of purpose for you, I believe my book “10 Steps To Walking In Purpose” will be of help to you.

frances books 3
The PDF is for free and you can download by clicking this button below
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*Love, love, love*,



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Spread the news to every lady you know who needs this…

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It's less than 6 days to our single ladies meet in Lagos!!! Pretty please ladies, don't miss this!. Click To Tweet

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  • Reply
    July 25, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Or maybe God made you write this not just to bless someone else, but so that someone else could bless you by letting you know that they are at the same place, and you are not alone.

    I’m also at the point where God is taking me on a day to day journey, and it’s either I wait and trust what He has for me for that day, or I let the (very well meaning) opinions of my parents guide a big decision I have to make.

    The interesting thing is that God has been showing me something similar – that this has always been His plan. You know this period of apparent drought? This period of not knowing what’s next? It has always been His plan. Yesterday, I attended a Cindy Trimm program, and she said “God prepared the breakthrough even before you broke down.” He’s reminded me that He has watched as I made every decision on this journey; He didn’t just realize that I need this thing because the deadline is approaching. You know, sometimes, we think that if we had done some things a bit differently along our journey, we would have better results in our lives today. For example, we could think that if we had networked with a certain person, we would not have missed out on a certain job, or maybe you could think that if you had published your book at a certain time, you could have reached a wider audience. But, using the same examples, God was with us when we missed out on networking with that person or when you missed a certain deadline and He didn’t intervene. So wherever we are right now is where He wants us to be. Because He is always with us, right now, and on every previous step we have taken. And knowing that He is with us, and is intentional about what He lets us go through is enough. Because He is pure goodness.

    Oh boy! I feel like I just wrote my own article in the comments lol. First time commenting too 😀 God bless you, Frances.

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      July 28, 2016 at 5:24 pm

      Oh RZed…

      Yes knowing Daddy, He would have set up encouragement for me from you today too..

      I smiled when i read your comment and smiled again now…

      A phrase from a song has been ringing in my head:”nothing takes Him by surprise” but i cant remember the fulk song..for days now.

      But your comment just serves to reinforce that truth.
      Nothing takes Him by surprise.psalm 139..all the days of our lives were written even before we had lived any of them.

      Thanks so much again and welcome..stay on this side of the fence ohhh.lol
      And maybe you should indeed write an article for us 🙂

  • Reply
    July 25, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    Thanks Frances for this…..this is exactly what God has been repeating to me…..’Fear not for I am with you’…..there’s no need to be afraid simply because he’s there.
    And I also had a period where I was faced with the temptation of going back…like maybe this path I’m following in Christ just isn’t it, looking at others who seem to have progressed a lot more than me, or those that their life just seems so much more glamorous and lovely….but all in all eventually my answer was ‘Lord I Choose You’ . ……Just like Peter replied to Jesus…’Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life’ (John 6:68).

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      July 28, 2016 at 5:18 pm

      Thank you for sharing that passage Jumoke..there is no one else to go to..

      Its beautiful to get God’s reassurance and may it be enough for us in Jesus name, amen

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