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What Is The Result Of Your Spiritual Thermometer?

“‘So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.”

-Revelation 3:16


This morning, I woke up not really knowing what to share for our #OnlineBibleStudy. But then I got up from my quiet time with the above blog title in my heart. The truth is, I think that this is such a heavy topic and it is evidenced by the beating of my heart as soon as I saw the above passage.


Dear Christian,

What is the result of your spiritual thermostat?

If you are tested right now, what is your result?

Brimming hot or cold? Or somewhere in the middle?

You know sometimes we console ourselves by saying that “but I still spend time with Jesus” but you know that that time you spent with Him was done with you looking into your phone for half the time. And you know that you really haven’t had your prayer altar up to speed for a while. It really has been rusting and the stones are crying out for repairs.


“Then Elijah said to all the people, “Come here to me.” They came to him, and he repaired the altar of the LORD, which had been torn down.”

-1Kings 18:30


You too just may need to repair your prayer altar. You know it has been torn down for so long but you keep making excuses.


Your word life; you know you are not eating much as much as you should but you keep citing work as excuse. What about last weekend when you had a bit of time to yourself and chose to instead go shopping?

He is calling you back.

He says be sincere with yourself and with me.

You need help. You need to be hot again.


Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.”

-Revelation 3:19

He just needs your heart. Cry out and He will help you.




The women at the well has been running a spiritual growth series with the TWTW Bible study and prayer workbook available for free download on the blog.

Check it out here.



After our next meet in TWTW this June which is for both men and women (see flyer below) we will be having a “31 days to a better prayer life” programme on the online group.

#Repost from @twtwnigeria with @regram.app … The Women At The Well June Meet is on my mind.
June 24th 2017.
For both men and women (now our men won’t eat my head up again)
Expect link to register this week (IT’S FREE)
Prayerfully plan to attend. Start telling your friends who need this.. Finally at the well.. the ladies and guys are colliding. Lol I am being cheesy 🙂 But seriously, if you are courting and married too, you would want to come for this with your beloved. Amen? Amen 🙂 Mail us if you have any questions.

We add up nw members after every meet so if you want to join us, you need some help with getting hot again, please mail 4thewomenatthewell@gmail.com


I do not want to just share the message but want to try to help us all grow in our lives in Christ. Prayerfully we can do the little we can and have us all grow in our walk in Christ.


Till our next time on here,



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