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What I Want To Be Known For

I was going to share on my upcoming FREE Ebook for aspiring authors but I am working on my laptop with the songs from Pastor Nat’s album launch playing in the background and I am just overwhelmed…

So overwhelmed… sometimes as I type right now and listen, I can’t sing or do anything, I just raise my hands and place them on my head like “ewo”!


And this moment reminds me of something I thought of a few days back…


I had scrolled unto someone’s site and was hit by the energy of jumping up to do something for God.

To just move ahead and roll unto running with what God has laid in my hands to do.

And that feeling is a valid one. You guys know that I am a lady on a roll most times, I hate wasting time and not getting on what God has given me to do.

I am #PurposeDriven and driven by walking in my God-given divine purpose. After all, I wrote the book “10 Steps To Walking In Purpose” from that fire in me to see youths walk in purpose.

In fact, my NGO is also built on this very passion and it is very valid and supported by God even. I am certain I have His approval for the path I am on…



The way God deals with me is very different from the way I see others roll.

He constantly tells me that “it’s you I want Frances…it’s you I want”.

And sometimes I don’t understand what He means.


I think that God is so jealous over me.

So jealous.

He wants me. Not just my works. He wants me.


And so when I look back on what I have gone through this year, God pruning me like mad, silent seasons, etc. I smile.

Pastor Nat told me yesterday when I went to speak to Him that “God wants to teach me His ways, He doesn’t just want me to know His acts, He wants me to know His ways”.

And this brings me to what I was feeling as I listened to worship this morning and was just hit by this truth so profoundly..

Guys, the truth is that, “I do not want to be known as the lady who works for God, I want to be known as the lady who loves God”.


I want to be known as the lady who just enjoys Jesus and enjoys a relationship with Him that just spills over into all that she does.

I never ever want to be drawn into this rat race of everyone running in their purpose and that is all you see about them.


I want to spill out Jesus from every breath that I take and exhale.

I always want to remain Jesus’ baby.

You know…

Jesus has for a long time being my ONLY ONE.

My best friend.

My husband.

The times when no one knew me, I was content with just me and Him.

Content with just being in a room and loving up on Him for hours on end.

Sometimes when I think about it, I still wonder why He chose me. Why can’t I just enjoy a small life with Him?

But for some reason, He has chosen me to work for Him but still in that work, I am reminded that its not all those that are important, IT’S HIM.




Take away the blog Lord…

Take away the books…

Take them away…

The only thing that matters is you.

I never want to forget that.

My source.

My Father.


The world is always running somewhere and we are always running on the path of purpose.

That is valid my dearies… but if this is the only thing you take away from this post, just remember that Jesus should always be first.

And as we burrow deeper into Him, those works may still be there but they pale into little significance compared to the one who gave us those works.


I always like to say that I am still God’s baby and my heart is still His.

I ask Him to hold my heart in the center of His hands and never let me go.

You may want to pray that prayer too and do not be sucked into the world of “run, run, run and do, do, do”.


Let your relationship with Jesus continue to be your first priority.

It is through Him that every other thing spill over from.

He is greater than the gift.

Please don’t ever be sucked into getting this twisted.


And incase you are confident in Jesus being your first and not works, be careful. We don’t ever go into this place consciously, it takes place little by little.


I spoke on “What Are You Pursuing (God or Your Purpose)?” a few months back.

It took God to open my eyes to the fact that I was missing it too and had placed purpose and things above Him.


You can watch the video of that message below.


This new week, let Jesus be your pursuit. Growing in Him your priority.

Purpose and works comes after Him. Not before Him and not placed on the same pedestal as Him.


God help us all.



Love and light,



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    April 17, 2021 at 11:31 am

    God wants us, and that is why He saved us – even when we were enemies. He that gives the gift has much more value than the gift.

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