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What Happens Thereafter???

Today a terrible tragedy happened in Nigeria.A Private Plane conveying the remains of late Former Governor of Ondo State Olusegun Agagu crashed in Mafoluku,Oshodi-Isolo Lagos.The plane was reportedly carrying 20passengers on board and as at this evening,9bodies had been recovered and the total number of casualties are yet to be released.
In a cruel twist of co-incedence or not(I am not sure),I also watched “My Sister’s Keeper” today.The movie is about a 15year old girl,Kate who had cancer(leukemia).The movie had me shedding tears right there in the office.
My entire being trembled as I imagined the pain of loosing a loved one.I have never lost anyone close to me before,I can only imagine what it feels like.

Life as we know it is so ephemeral.This earth is not our permanent site.We are meant to transit to the life beyond.
Almost everyone knows this,some believe it and some don’t(that’s story for another day).But the truth we all know is that no one knows when they will leave this earth.It may happen in a flash like the victims of the plane crash,or we may know that we’ll die soon like Kate in the movie above,but it will definitely happen.
To me this means two things-What happens thereafter and what do we leave behind?
If you are like me that totally believes in the life after,where do you go from here? Will you walk through the pearly gates or will you walk through the gates beneath? It could happen so suddenly,you never can tell.

What do we leave behind?
Can we beat our chests thereafter and say I left a legacy on earth?
Can we stand before our father and say I used the talents you gave me?
Can we bodly declare that I deposited something meaninful into the lives I encountered?
Can we say I left a trail of good deeds for others to follow?
Like it or not,these are what you’ll be remembered for.No one will talk about your designer handbags or expensive smartphones.No one will talk about the fact that you drove the latest cars,no one will even remember that you had state of the art devices in your house,because the truth is you are gone,your earthly properties are of no good to you anymore.

What they will indeed remember is a kind word,a thoughtful deed,a helpful hand in time of need,a smile given when one was desperately needed,a warm hug that seemed to hold them upright,a belief in them that soared them to greater heights.At the end,its only the legacy you leave in people’s life you’ll be remembered for.
Are you making a mark right now?
Take stock of your life and think of what will be said if you indeed leave today.

Life is ephemeral,its like vapour that’s here today and gone tomorrow.
Take the time to care.
Take the time to love.
Take the time to laugh.
Take the time to sow good seeds in people’s lives.
Take the time to build mansions in people’s hearts.
Take the time to say “I Love You” to your friends,family and all others.it may be the last time you get a chance to.
#God help us all.

PS:I pray God grants the families of the casualities of the plane crash strenght to see them through in Jesus Name,Amen.

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