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WATM Series || The Power Of A Praying Man + Giveaway For Men

Since I am writing a book on Prayer and Prayers for your future husband at that, I have found myself thinking about “the man” sometimes.

Some people might argue “Frances, why are you writing a book on prayers for our future husbands, what about the men? If we pray for them, how are we sure that they are praying for us?”

This is for the ladies.

The truth is we cannot be sure of what the man is doing right at this moment.

Who can tell whether he is even born again or not?

Maybe it’s even the prayers God is laying on your heart that would open the eyes of his understanding to walk more deeply in God (need help with what prayers to pray? Pre-order my new book HERE)

So my answer to the question of whether or not the men who would marry the women God is raising is: I don’t know. But either ways we are not to not pray because of thoughts on whether or not He is praying for us.


This is For the men…

That said, I have been awakened to just how amazing it would be to have a man somewhere out there committed to praying for me as led by the Spirit of God.

Oh a man who bows his knees to the Lord in prayer is LIT (for lack of a better word).

I was reminded of Job as I wrote my book and I found out that Job literally carried his children on his own spiritual wings.

He barricaded his home from the enemy; made sure that the hedge around his family was intact and this he did by being attuned with God in holiness, right living and may I add by prayer.

Every victory won over a home (or rather enforced because Jesus has won it all for us already) was done through prayer.

You get a burden in prayer and as you begin to pray, suddenly you hit the spot where you KNOW YOU HAVE GOTTEN THE VICTORY!



Do we still have men who go to the secret place to fight for their homes and family?

How is your prayer life right now as a man?

Weak, strong, lukewarm or non-existent?


Or do you even think that having a prayer life is important for you as a man?


Some men think and want to marry a woman on fire for God because they say that they want someone who will hold vigils on their behalf while they sleep.

Gbile Akanni said in his book “The dignity of manhood”: “let it not be said that your wife is praying while you are asleep. If your wife is praying for 5 hours, it should be because she is taking it from you who prays for 12 hours” (Paraphrased).


If a woman cannot respect your spiritual authority over the home, she will find it so difficult to respect you in anything else.


God recognizes the head of a home – the man.

So men have authority to command things they do not want to be found in their home to flee – THROUGH PRAYER.


So when you the man is missing it in the place of prayer, your family and not just you are tilting in the balance.

Lord, that we will have men who stay faithful in the secret place; interceding for their homes, children and all you have placed under them.


Father raise men in you who pray and command the physical to align with the spiritual.

Men who declare blessings upon their family and bless them in the name of the Lord.

Lord please raise men of prayer for yourself. In Jesus name I have prayed, amen.


So with this, we round-up this series.


I am praying that men in the future will stumble onto this series and have a seed planted in their hearts – a seed leading on to be the kind of men God has called them to be in today’s world. In Jesus name, amen.


If you missed any part of the series, click on the link at the top of this post.


Till next time on here,




PS: There are two books I heartily recommend to every man.

Dignity of manhood by Gbile Akanni and Letters to our Fathers by Mobolaji Olorisade.



I have a copy of “Dignity Of Manhood” to give out to one of our amazing men.

Rules:Comment below and share this post by sharing the picture below on social media with links  for  other men to come read this series.

(Tag me @FrancesOkoro on social media, @Frances_okoro on Instagram).

I will pick a winner and announce the results on the blog.

You will get your book when I am in Lagos in February, next month.

(PS: If you are a lady you can enter the giveaway for a guy you know to win).


Pick up is on you: You have to be able to get the book from me at Lagos or connect me with someone who can give it to you.

So there are two books I have promised to get for my future husband..
The dignity of manhood by Gbile Akanni and Letters to our Fathers by @mobolaaji
The truth is that our society has hammered so much on the ladies and left the men to go on the wild road by themselves.
Even in the Christian world, we have so many activities for women…women conference, mentorship programmes,books,etc and so few for the men.
The result is that we have so many men with the christian tag but very few with the character that accompanies the tag.
My sisters @twtwnigeria during our Bible studies just sometimes blurt out that they wish there was another group like this for men and that their future husbands are in that group..and i wish that too..with all my heart.
It would seem that women are the ones being hammered on to live a certain way…women are the ones who pray..who are encouraged to study the word..to live in purity..
How many Christian men laud these virtues to other men?
Men go for business meetings..financial seminars and do nothing to advance further as Christian men of character.. Most of our Christian men are simply not ready…not ready to lead..not ready to be husbands. .not ready to be Fathers..not ready to be priests of their homes. .. And sometimes…i just wonder “where are the men”?? If you are a man..a man who desires to grow in the places that matter.
Please get the two books i mentioned up there.
And while at it..get my book too “Chastity For men”(its available for free on my blog)
I know virtues as extolled in the above books are not usually directed to men but the truth is that we need men who will rise up as real men in the places that matter.
Men of wisdom..
Men of prayer..
Men of the word..
Men of purity..
Men who wont compromise..
Men who can protect their women and offer them up without blemish to God..just like Jesus did and still does..
Men who can lift up their homes up to God and be leaders as God intended to be.
And it begins with men being willing to learn to be these virtues.
When we ask “where are the men”?
We pray that they arise.
As men indeed.


Lord please raise men of prayer for yourself. In Jesus name, amen. Click To Tweet


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