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“And Moses said to the people, “Do not
be afraid. Stand still, and see the
salvation of the LORD, which He will
accomplish for you today. For the
Egyptians whom you see today, you
shall see again no more forever.
The LORD will fight for you, and you
shall hold your peace.”

-Exodus 14:13-14

The difference one word makes: DO NOT BE AFRAID…

I am fascinated by the concept of victory gotten from and by the hand of the Lord for lots of different reasons.

In my young life I have had to fight to be free from different battles; battles from shame, guilt and condemnation… battles to be free from sexual addictions, battles to be free from generational patterns and even battles from the realm of demons.

I remember one particular night in April 2020 after I had just had a terrible dream. The Holy Spirit swooped on me immediately I woke up and the first words He spoke to me were ‘do not be afraid’.

I could feel the rattling of those words deep within my bones. The Lord was saying something that was so essential to my life. He was telling me the first thing necessary for any person who is going to stand on the victory the Lord Jesus has wrought for them on the cross.. DO NOT BE AFRAID.

The second word that follows close on the heels of this one is “be at rest”.

You see, God cannot do anything when we are both in motion with one another. Someone has to be at rest for the other to be put in motion. And since you know you cannot fight the battle yourself, the one who has to be at rest is you.

Just like Jesus slept in the midst of the storm so also are we required to sleep in the middle of storms and trials but this ability requires revelation.

What revelation?

1: A revelation of the victory Jesus Christ has already fought for you on the cross.

I know you have heard these words, ‘we ae not fighting for victory but from victory’ but do you understand them? Whether you understand those words or not, makes a critical point in your ability to enforce your victory over that battle. We go through many different battles in our lives. And we know that we are meant to pray through them but two people can be standing in prayer and get two different results.

One stands in full assurance of their victory in Christ, declaring from a place of peace, rest and joy while the other stands in prayer from a place of fear, disbelief and anxiety. They both may be saying the same words but the words do not mean the same thing for the both of them because it’s not just the words but the Spirit behind the words that releases divine power into the atmosphere to change things.

So I would advise if you are going through any battle in life, go for revelation. Revelation would precede the words DO NOT BE AFRAID and ‘do not be afraid’ would lead you to REST and quiet assurance in the truth that GOD IS WORKING AND FIGHTING FOR ME RIGHT NOW.

I tell you this is the whole difference simple words make while we are fighting battles in prayer.

I am also reminded of another time last year when I was getting a lot of spiritual attacks and Jesus said to me in one of my prayer time “don’t be afraid, be at rest, I will come and save you”.

But I waited and waited for some more days/weeks and He still hadn’t come and the attacks were still there. That was when He told me again in prayer “I told you to be at rest, I will come and save you”.

Through that season He told me what to do, to do a fast and prayer for seven days and at the end of those days, He wrought such a mighty deliverance for me, delivering from some satanic demon dogs representing immorality that had been attached to my family.

Through that prayer, you would find the seven days fast and prayer videos for total deliverance on my Instagram IGTV page here.

But what does the Lord want to get over to you today?

Two simple words that make all the difference when you are fighting spiritual battles.



If you are able to truly understand what these words mean in the area of spiritual battles, your victory si absolutely certain.

When fighting battles at any point n your life; battles would always come through our life’s journey… go for revelation. Revelation would anchor you on those two important words out there and that in turn would assure you of your total victory in Christ Jesus and that in turn would give you your victory.


I have a new book coming out on the science of prayer.

If you are someone who wants to learn how prayer works, please watch my YouTube video below on this subject and watch out for the eBook coming out tomorrow by the grace of God.

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    April 17, 2021 at 11:54 am

    Hmm … I receive the Grace to be at rest as the Lord fights for me. All things are working for my good.

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