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Two Free Gifts For You This Morning

Hey blog fam! I’ve been out of here for a while… I know. I’d be back soon.. though I still have a break in transmission in the month of March 2021 but for today I’m back.. back with a gift for you!

I’ve got two gifts for you this morning..


So in December 2020 we had an online WhatsApp conference on SINGLEHOOD that was such a blessing to many! The online conference streamed out of my book Surviving SINGLEHOOD and the testimonies of what God did with and through us were amazing!

We have compiled the conference into a FREE ebook and we want you to get it here;

This second gift is one you need If you have been receiving prophecies from God but haven’t seen them come to pass.

I stepped into the year 2018 after a whole year of 2017 involved in terrible #SpiritualWarfare (I have a #book coming out on this soon because it’s one way I have seen the #mightyGod ) and God said somethings to me.

I asked Him a question on some #promises He had made to me and He said “wage a good warfare with the #prophecies you have received” but I didn’t understand it. And I didn’t ask more questions so I didn’t really get answers. So God proceeded in taking me through two years to “understand”.

Last year I felt like I had lost time because of this lack of understanding and I was expressing regrets to the Lord and He said “don’t worry about it, Now you understand”.
His words made me smile and brought peace to my heart and today I understand that I had to go through that journey FOR YOU.

Are you someone who has received #prophecies this year or even in previous years and have not known what role you are to play to cause those prophecies to come to pass? So you wait and wait but you are waiting with no “wisdom” so nothing is happening?

You don’t have to go through two years like I had to do. Join this upcoming #webinar coming up on Sunday February 28th 2021 where you would learn #wisdom on HOW TO CAUSE YOUR PROPHECIES TO COME TO PASS.

1: You would get healing from despair from failed past prophecies.
2: Forgiveness of both yourself and God (if you harbor Ill feelings towards Him).
3: And wisdom for how the fulfillment of prophecies work.

This webinar is a paid for programme but we are making of FREE for registrations for This Sunday only.

See you soon and God bless you. And please Share the flyer to someone who needs this. Thank you!

Lots of love,
Hephzibah Frances

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