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The Thin Line Between Your Personal Ambition And God’s Purpose

I met some of my colleagues from Law School yesterday… suddenly bumped into about 3 of them when my brother and I went to eat at NLS Lagos after Church.

And as is usual with meetings with people from the past, everyone wants to know what you are doing right now, what you are into, etc. etc.

I kind of let them think what they will about my brother sha, I didn’t introduce him as my brother (silly me, lol) but when they asked ‘what firm are you at?” I said “I am not practicing right now”.

One of them was polite with asking ‘so what do you do, what are you into?’

But the other one was like “oh why? No, no, why are you not practicing? So what are you doing then? You cannot say that you are not practicing right now, are you going into ministry or what?’


I wanted to laugh at the irony of it all, someone else carrying my matter on his head. I can imagine how hard it was for him to wrap his head around it all, he was probably also thinking about himself, school fees he paid, stress he went through at Law School, etc, etc.


I believe that I am at a place where I am at peace with my own walk/path with God. I am not there totally but I understand some certain things about the way God deals with us.


I started Law School a different person from the one who passed out of Law School.

While my journals read “Lord let me serve in a big firm that will pay me big money” at the beginning of the year, the same journals read “Lord I know you have a great plan for me, I can feel it. Let your will be done in my life Lord, wherever you want me to be and whatever you want me to do, that I will do’.

And so I experienced a 360 degree change in my mindset before I passed out of Law School.

But even as at then, I wasn’t fully prepared or even understood the path that God wanted me to take in Him… but all I knew was that I wasn’t going to fit in with what the world thinks that I should do, I was only going to walk in what God had ordained for me from the beginning of time, and that will has brought me here where I stand.

Never mind that here where I stand cannot really be formed into words, but it is right where God wants me to be and I would not have it any other way.


There are a lot of us with personal goals and ambitions (which are good) but have nothing to do with God’s plan and purposes for our lives.

We are run by the expectations of parents, friends and the society and so we set the big target goals that sound good but really have no impact on the scale of things that stand the test of time.


I was speaking to someone recently and found myself saying that we should always ask God for direction because most of the goals and ambitions we set and pursue after are only goals that make a dent on the earth but do not even make it into the register of heaven which is the only register that truly matters.

I simply cannot imagine toiling here on earth and hustling to do things, and I finally do them but God looks at it and counts it all as nothing.

Personal ambition that only ends in the glorification of self holds no sway with God… except that ambition is in tune with God’s plan and purposes.

So if we are not careful, we will spout off that we are running the race like Paul said in the Word when it actually a race that is non-existent in the sight of God.


These days, it is kind of difficult to find people whose higher goal is to please God and do only that which He would have them do in their careers, businesses, ministry, etc. etc.

But I believe that there is still a remnant that desires to do the will of God.

If your heart still beats for God’s plan and purposes, then I believe the only question you need to ask yourself is ‘am I willing to lay down my personal ambitions and goals and take up God’s plans for my life?”

I know that a lot of persons are scared of walking in God’s purposes for their lives and we have dealt with that fear in THIS POST.

What the world needs right now are people who aren’t conforming to the general mindset of what the world wants for them or what they even want for themselves but they are completely sold out to what God wants for them.

Is that person you?


I just want to call attention to the fact that not every race that we run is God’s race for us… and if you find that the track you are on if your own track and not God’s, you can do an about turn today, right this minute, surrender to God and go to Him to find out what you indeed should be doing according to His plan for your life.

Personal ambitions and hustle for goals do not cut it in this kingdom where we stand.

If you must live as a believer, then it must be in full surrender to God and His plans for your life.


Personally, I am scared of getting to heaven and God cancels all my work on earth as having no bearing or dent in heaven’s record.

And you should be scared of that too… enough to set your face as a flint, to do the Master’s plan, purposes and pursuits for your life.


I look forward to seeing a generation of young people arise… men and women who are in formation, in their place, committed to doing only that which God has sent them to do on their sojourn on this earth.

God help us all as we go all out for Him and in Him, in Jesus name, amen.



Have an ama-mazing purposeful week ahead,




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  • Reply
    June 14, 2016 at 10:13 am

    Hmm Babe. Just keep doing you and be led by Christ. I feel pressured and silly doing somethings that others can’t understand- but it’s a personal journey. No one is walking your path the way God has designed it.
    Only be still and know that He is God.

    So much love. Muah…

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      June 16, 2016 at 11:43 am

      Hmmmm, so much lessons on this personal journey deal, been getting that a lot, today’s word too was on “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith”…my response to almost everything is that word now..

      How you dey B?
      We need to catch up.. let me come back on BBM first…


  • Reply
    June 19, 2016 at 1:32 pm

    The ways of God is beautiful than anything you can ever think of. Keep doing what makes you feel fulfilled, keep walking in His steps and you will never regret it.

    • Reply
      Frances Okoro
      July 3, 2016 at 10:32 pm

      Thank you Howinspiratick…
      I believe same with all my heart…. I struggle sometimes but ultimately I believe that God’s ways for us are good and perfect and no regrets on towing His path…always

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