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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of..


He said to me: Your faith big oh, na only you I see wey nor cancel your event.

From yesterday’s single’s event/launch of my new book ‘Surviving Singlehood’.

He did get it right that FAITH IS THE STUFF DREAMS ARE MADE OF.

Now here is the truth: we all have dreams. There are things God has placed in our hearts for us to reach out for. Visions, dreams, goals… most likely far reaching. For example, when I finished my book event at Warri yesterday (which was really more of an emergency meeting heaven organized for us to pray for Kingdom marriages and recruit more singles to covenant to live both their single lives for him) I started getting tugged on that the next stop for this SURVIVING SINGLEHOOD BOOK EVENT would be Dubai.

Newsflash, I really do not have connects as such in Dubai to make this happen but God has been placing BIG DREAMS in my heart of recent and expanding my mind to think bigger.

I have already sent this to those subscribed to my newsletter that this year, the deal for me is NATIONS. God wants to give me the NATIONS and it starts NOW!

I have experienced Him give me Ghana before after three years of waiting for the promise; He delivered it in ONE DAY! And the way the whole thing came together, still leaves me in awe when I think about it today.


You would find that the dreams God would put in our hearts are large dreams that seem far-reaching, dreams we cannot live out or fulfill by ourselves. We would need His divine help to be able to fulfil them but then so many people still end up not living their dreams.


Because of the lack of one word: FAITH.

I would take what happened yesterday at my event as an example: I had a dream God had placed in my heart. I felt led to release the book and do the prayer for marriages at Warri and we fixed a date for it. Then we heard stuff was happening and people were cancelling their events but for where we were, the air was still clear to hold events till April 1st 2020. And even minus the news we were hearing all around was also the issue of provision. I kept wondering ‘God do you even want me to print this book? Do you want me to do this?’ and He assured me that there is divine supply for it. But I was still really pressured to cancel the event. Do I do this or not? I felt strongly in my heart that this was a matter of TIMES AND SEASONS; and I would never be at this place ever again. That if I do not do this now, it very likely won’t be possible again. And that’s also the thing about the dreams God gives to us. Because we are walking on a timetable of God’s time and season for our lives and each step is meant to lead unto the next, if we miss a time and season, restoration is going to take a roundabout journey.

Just like I felt to release my first book when I was passing out from NYSC and that book ended up being a pedestal God used to open doors and get me into the ministry I do today… so also are the dreams and assignments God places in our hearts time sensitive but we can miss it because we are focusing on other things which may seem valid but at the point in time, they are not necessarily important for that season.

So a dreamer is one who holds tenaciously IN FAITH to what God has given to them to BIRTH.

They do not draw back at the face of obstacles but go back to God, ask for strategies and answers and move forward again.

So we see this being the difference and the line drawn between the DREAMERS and the DOERS.

Both dimensions of people have a dream but the DOERS go further to work on the DREAM to bring it to pass. Relying on God ALL THE WAY and having FAITH that He who gave them the DREAM would not fail them but will bring it to pass.


This is the stuff dreams are made of.

A refusal to turn back without its fulfilment…

A refusal to accept obstacles a shut doors… but only as a means to go back to God to hear what He is saying because He ALWAYS has a PLAN to get the dream to come to life. Dreamers know their SOURCE. They know that because of the gravity of the dreams they are carrying, they CANNOT birth it in the flesh. So dreamers are also people who stay close to their source – God. Keeping their ears to the ground and gaining and getting their strategies from Him.

Dreamers are FAITH(ERS). They are those with UNSHAKEABLE FAITH; Faith that can walk on water.

Are you this kind of person?



I am so grateful to all those who came for our singles event and book launch in Warri yesterday. I still ask myself “did this really hold?”

It seems so surreal.

I say thank you to sis Esther Grey, Pst Timothy, sis Amangi, Mr Oghenero Ezaza, sis Peace, Banner of life ministry who opened their doors to us and everyone who was a part of what we did yesterday, THANK YOU!

I trust the seeds heaven deposited into your heart shall yield tall trees of harvest in Jesus mighty name amen!

If you weren’t with us, no problem, you would be able to find messages from the day on YouTube and also get copies of my book on online sites:





Also do order for hard copies for yourself and your single friends by sending an email to

God bless you.

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