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The Oasis International Conference – Thirsty… Day Two!

Pastor Sina alabi


This generation wants all the great things and all and that is good but God isn’t a magician. He performs miracles but it all still takes a process. God works more with growth in us.
Obeying God always takes a sacrifice and if you want to walk with God, you must renew yourself ~Romans 12:1-2
If you must be who God wants you to be, you must be submissive to the will of God and conformed to the image of Christ. Your closeness to the word of God will tell more about your productivity in life. God’s word should be much more important to you, more than food, more than anything, your thirst after God should be greater than all other things ~ Ps 19:10, Job 23:12, Jeremiah 15:16


Pastor Chingtok Ishiaku

Pastor Chingtok Ishiaku

Pastor Chingtok Ishiaku

James 1:19-21
The only way that you can get anything from the Bible is when we come to it knowing nothing.
Some believers come to God full of knowledge that isn’t God so they can’t learn.
If God has to come into your life, then he has to first pull down and re-erect His knowledge in you.
Jesus had to still learn what God had ordained for Him before He operated in it. He grew in fullness of stature in the Lord.
Many people are looking for the move of God when it is already on the earth. The wise men were looking for Jesus when He was already born.
Jesus had questions that were not answered in the festival He went to with His parents, which was why He stayed back to sit with the religious teachers to learn more of God.
Some of us have questions that sunday service can’t answer but we don’t want to look for the answers about God that we need, so we decide to use movies to cover up the space of getting to know God.

If you still think of different things holding you back from knowing God, then your thirst isn’t up to par yet.
Jesus at 12years old wanted to know so much about God that He dodged His parents caravan, then why should we be this old at this stage of our lives and not know so much about God but be so comfortable?
When it came to the quest of God, Jesus had no apologies.
If people can be so dogged about the things of satan, if they pursue satan so much, then why cant we be so dogged about God? Why can’t a believer with life giving Spirit pursue God so much more?

You shouldn’t lose your quest and thirst for God even after this conference, you should look for where will sustain this hunger for God.


The first original thing that makes a believer is the quest for God.
As you search for God, you discover who you are in the ultimate plan of God for your life. The quest for God gives you grace to do what God has told you to do.
You must fight the fight of your faith, accomplish that which you have been brought on earth to do. Such that when you live, you know you have nothing in you to add to the earth.
When you understand the power of quest, you will know that what builds your life is different from others and material things won’t concern you.


Let God’s word wash you off and the reflection of what you see will be better than the one in the past.
Let your allegiance be in the word, not men.
Follow men as they follow Christ, follow the Christ in men, not the men.
If your quest for God isn’t alive, then you need to be filled in God.
You have to be filled first before you can overflow.
The river should first hit you and minister to the needs of your life before it can flow to others.
Your greatest desire isn’t to minister, it is for you to be filled first.
Lay aside all superfluity and take on God.
Don’t read the Bible like you know it all. Read it like it is the first time you are seeing it. Then you will find grace to see things you have never seen before. You can then draw fresh light from it knowing that the spirit led you to it because He wants to show/teach you something.


1Peter 1:7 and 1John 3:2 ~ The appearance of Jesus for the second coming isn’t just that, it will also be when we conform so much so much to the image of God.
The quest of God in us should grow us into sonship and then friendship with Jesus.
When a man becomes close to God, he doesn’t care about commendation from men.
If you are looking for God and hear things you strive to reach, His grace lifts you there.
If God speaks speaks sound doctrine to you, you know it’s because He wants to lift you into it by grace.
The walk of grace isn’t dependent on works, it is dependent on being yielded to God.
Can you dare to say that you believe God like Jesus did?
He did not believe in the economy of a place… Jesus isn’t a superhero and He actually doesn’t want us to see Him as exceptional, He wants us to see Him as exemplary.
What Jesus wants is a heart that believes so much in Jesus, loves Him and wants to be yielded to God.
He wants us to be like Him in totality ~ John 15:15


How long will we move from Church to church?
When will people look to us as carriers of God’s life?
When will our own fountain flow?
Jesus was mostly a natural man while He was on earth who was blessing lives along the way.
God’s oil isn’t complete upon us if we can’t sit in a bus and just be a blessing to another beside us.
There should be a shadow of circumference of blessing around a believer. When we walk past, people should be able to tell that we are believers. There should be a shadow of the anointing around us. An aura of God’s anointing should be created aroind us.
The shadow of the almighty should be so in us that people don’t want to commit immorality when they see us.
Sometimes, our getting to this point takes time because we are wondering if we can trust God and let go but if we drop those things, God can take us places.


There is too much God wants to do with us and the difference to getting this isn’t time, it is our yieldedness.
Is the quest in us enough yet?
Is this all turning up a quest in us yet?


A promise is a promise and I am fulfilling my promise to write on “thirsty” for all who thirst for God and want “more”.

I must warn you all that nothing I write can adequately convey the magnitude of all the rhema from the conference but I will try to write what I can and I hope that you get a word for yourself from here.


I pray that even one soul will be revived as I write this (including mine).
The struggle to maintain the thirst for God is real, I have been home for barely 4days and I tell you, the struggle is real.

But if we want to fulfil what God has for us, then we must strive… strive till we start gliding in the spirit.
God help us all.


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See day one here if you missed it. Day three will be up tomorrow. And please hit any of the share buttons below and spread the word, help a soul.

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  • Reply
    Adaeze Obiako
    December 19, 2014 at 3:13 am

    Frances, thank you so much for sharing this! Before I even go to the points that hit me to my core, I want to commend you for sticking with your promise to chronicle your experience at the Oasis International Conference – thank you!

    Where do I begin with the convictions I had reading this? Everything you wrote either served as a necessary reminder for me or a new revelation of what I was missing.

    1) Like you mentioned, Jesus was 12 when He left His parent’s caravan and chose to go into the Lord’s house to learn about God. 12! There is no such thing as being too young to be godly or pursue God. I cannot ever get comfortable being distanced from God – no matter the discouragement or the lack of support or feelings of depression (which still hit me at times!) I have to continue fighting for Him always.

    2) Jesus made no apologies for his pursuit of God. And neither will I! There are times when I feel like my desire for Christ annoys or offends people but I have to bypass those feelings and keep going because I can’t ever put anyone over God – He comes first!

    3) Many people are looking for the move of God while it is already on earth. This reminds me that miracles happen everyday but if I am not in tune with God’s Word & grace, I will not be able to identify them. Wow!

    4) Your closeness to the Word of God will tell more about your productivity in life. This right here! There are areas this year that I was underproductive in and it makes complete sense because it was in those times when I allowed myself to be pulled away from my trust in the Word of God by anxiety, fear, and hopeless feelings (which I had the choice to dismiss but didn’t).

    I could go on but then my comment would end up as long as your post lol. I’m going to save this post and continue to refer back to it because I need to. I wish I had been there at the Conference myself!

    Keep up the great work, Frances. God bless you this Christmas and into the New Year. I appreciate all you do on this blog, my dear 🙂

  • Reply
    Frances Okoro
    December 19, 2014 at 11:17 am

    Ada, I read your comment when I woke up this morning and sincerely, it just set me on a praising spree to God.
    I am glad I stuck with my promise to write this(it was really tempting to wave it off…. Even the lessons you pointed out again spoke to me.

    God bless you bigly! I am grateful for you!

  • Reply
    Mona Lightbat
    December 23, 2014 at 9:30 am

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