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The Oasis International Conference – Thirsty… Day Three!


Welcome to day three of our chronicles from “Thirsty Conference”.
Are you still with us?
Are you determined to do something to fire your thirst for God again?


Today’s message is one I still struggle to get a hold of the rhema shared and towards the end of this post, you will understand what I mean.
I won’t even try to pretend to be able to put the revelation into words. To be sincere, I still don’t get some of them fully yet. You know when a word from God has layers and layers underneath?
How can I explain our worshiping in the Spirit to you?
How can I write Pastor Nathaniel Bassey singing songs in the spirit and our not wanting to leave church?
How can I write Jeshurun’s ministrations and prophetic statements?
I can’t write those things and I won’t pretend to be able to write them.


Jeshurun Okyere

Jeshurun Okyere

But I will try and write what I will, and I will skip what I can’t put into words (I’m sorry about that) but hopefully, you will still get a word that impacts you for good.
So let’s go on…

Pastor Ben Akabueze
Remember how it was at first when we knew God, how we wept ever so often in the place of worship but now, how many times does that happen?
Some of us have gotten too familiar with the things of God. Have we become adults of God? Or are we still children of God?
We must know that no matter how much we grow spiritually, we must remain God’s kids. If we are still kids to our parents, how much less to the Ancient Of Days?
God isn’t moved by emotions, He wants us to press in to Him to find Him, to look for Him – Psalm 42:3
When you are thirsty for God, when you wake up in the morning, nothing will satisfy your soul till you’ve had your time with your maker.
#If I have not spoken to God, then, I will not speak to man no matter who he maybe.


God takes pleasure in showing Himself to us but He won’t cast His pearls to swine, the swine won’t value it. So we need to seek God and let Him know that we indeed value Him when He shows Himself to us.~Psalm 63:1-2


For your thirst to be intact, you need to guard your heart. Where there is an absence of thirst for God, there is a presence of lust.
Be careful about what you let into your heart. Let praise to God take the place of lust and vanity.
Pull down strongholds in your thoughts that aren’t in line with God’s word – 2Corinthians 10:4


Conduct regular personal heart checks. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you, everything in your heart that should not be there… whatever stands in the way of your pursuit of God should be taken away.
When we understand this, then we single ladies, our prayer won’t be for a husband, it will be “Lord make me into a good thing, good enough to be found and suited for a man that you alone will chose for me.”

Jeshurun Okyere
Jesus is the light that lighted the light of men and if the light of Jesus shines in you enough, it lights out ideas out of you, lights out solutions…
The only problem is our lights have been dim for so long…
All of creation are beckoning on us to manifest God’s glory in us.
There are Christians but are there Christians who have let the glory of God shine in them?

God wants this generation to be agents of change and transformation.
When God fills you, it should translate into solutions.
People must see the light of God in you. We need youths who will be agents of change now, right now, not later.
After the infilling of the Spirit in you, God expects us to be carriers of His glory, Heaven’s light on earth.


God doesn’t just want us to enjoy the presence and walk away, He wants the presence to transform into solutions for the world.
How can we be solutions for the world? By staying in the place of prayers. Oppositions don’t matter so far as we stay in the place of prayers.

What have you received here? Give it out, don’t let fear keep it down, don’t keep it down.
God is counting on you to share what you have.
Live a Spirit filled life, exuding God’s presence. People’s eyes are fixed on you, God’s light in you is the solution they need.


Some of our friends/family members are not saved because we have refused to be answer through Christ to their issues.
We need to ask ourselves, am I showing forth God’s light in me? What am I not doing right? Lord show me.
We will be a walking light for God when the Holy Spirit overshadows us. We need the power, we need to walk in the Spirit.
The glory is noticeable. It should be noticeable when you walk out of here. People should see you as a solution.

(Now, this is the rhema I can’t explain adequately. Pastor Chingtok opened so many doors, from Ezekiel 47, to Genesis 2, to Revelations…
I can’t explain the word here, I will just try to write and pray you get a word for yourself.)


Pastor Chingtok Ishiaku


The first sign that a man is ready to be used by God/dispense the Holy Ghost is that he has gained stability in the Spirit.


When God wants to use you, He disconnects you from everything that you think is your source and leaves just ABBA as your source which is how it should be.

John 4 ~ The well will spring forth, having a self generating power to create a reservoir in you and a self-multiplication power to give out more springs of water.
Once you get the spring up in the Spirit, He springs up questions that’s supposed to trouble you – questions that you are the solution to.

Your first drink of the Spirit is to stir up a well in you.
You can go to the office everyday but your greatest deal is to fulfill the hunger in you.
The day you forget the quest to fulfill the hunger in you, you have become vain.

What a ministry fulfills is a change in the life of men. The numbers don’t matter, 13 or 30,000, what matters is the end point, God wants to change things and change people.


Your drink of the water should set you out on a quest, a quest to answer the question He has stirred up in you.
The question is not when you met the Holy Spirit, the question is what well

did He begin to dig up in you?
If you have a drink of the living water then it must come out of you.
You will have bigger questions in you that you are a solution to.


Ezekiel 47
Genesis 2
Revelations 20
The pattern of the river of God.
(1) The river from God in you will first of all be a well.
When we give ourselves to the pattern of the world, we find out that the same gods that govern them now govern us but living by the river of God gives us…
(2) The knowledge of good and evil.
(3) Tree of life.
That’s discernment of good and evil and production of life (Genesis 2:9)


(Pastor Chingtok explained the mist coming from the ground in Genesis 2:6 but I don’t understand it yet, so I can’t explain it. You can do a study on it though) (on second thoughts, the mist that came from the ground in Eden watered the land and from there, all trees grew out from the ground including the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So also does the spring of the Spirit in us should produce trees in our lives, these two trees)


(He also explained how Eden is a replication of Heaven and how there is no more a garden or temple, we are the temple of God, so those trees are trees produced in our lives as God’s temple when the Spring from the Spirit flows into our lives)


Pastor chingtok went on…
A journey is a journey until life breathes on it…
A school is a school until life breathes on it, then you start to operate above the norm.

The deal isn’t the testimony, it’s what God did in that testimony.
The experience you have with God must translate into something tangible.
Wisdom discerns what is seed and what is bread. Learn to ask God for everything that comes to you “Lord, what is this for?”.
You shouldn’t work to eat, you should work to give. To be large breasted even as God is, enough for Him to give His son for us.


The glory of God isn’t just cloud/fire though it can manifest in them but more importantly, when the fire lifts, glory should remain.
There’s a Spirit of wisdom and revelation, connect to it and some scriptures will be revealed to you. Come to God by faith and He will take those things, explain them to you and you will become a partaker of God’s divine nature.
You should not be just under a cloud but under the glory of God. Every appearance of God needs a commensurate response from us.
We need to grow more to the point where we pray more for God’s glory than for riches. God wants us to be more like Him and the blessing isn’t always wealth, it’s Him inhabiting us, inhabiting the earth.
We need a cleansing of the river to know what the river brings.
We have to have more.
A believer cannot get filled with the Spirit once, we must grow and increase in dimensions with God.
The Holy Spirit brings life to all He meets and it is a privilege to have the very life in Heaven released into us.
If we have the Spirit in us then when there’s worship, the Spirit draws us in, because it’s that same Spirit that is in heaven where the worship flows to.


We must depend on the Holy Ghost for two things.
(1) For discernment of good and evil – for Him to tear stuff that are not good for us from us and tear us away from everything that will take us away from God.
Everything borne of pressure, God solves by peace and if it comes from our being independent and leaning on our own understanding, then it can’t be God.


(2) We must depend on the Holy God for the tree of life.
Your life/school will be ordinary until God breathes the life of God into it.
God will cause the river to flow from you if His life is in you.
How do you know that God’s river has passed through you?
How many lives have being changed because of your life in Christ?
How many lives are being lived for God through you?
Nothing extraordinary will be done through your life except the Holy Spirit comes into you with His life.


So pray – Lord, I need more of you Lord, more of the infilling of your Spirit.
I am not filled to overflowing, I am not where I should be. I need more.

PS: Pastor Nathaniel Bassey led worship with “Micah Stampley’s Desperate people.” You can download and worship along with that song with a sincere heart to God.
If you are new here or missed the previous days chronicles, then please read day one of “Thirsty” here
And read day two here if you missed it.
Final day four will be up tomorrow.

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    Highly Favored
    December 17, 2014 at 2:54 pm

    Great lessons and reminders. Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply
    December 18, 2014 at 12:54 am

    Funny how I’ve been praying for God to give me His living water and plant me by His river side. Now i know, He’d answer when I realize the water isn’t to remain stagnant in my life but must flow to people around me. I sure got my own message. Thanks Frances!

  • Reply
    Frances Okoro
    December 19, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    Thank you Mobolaji and Highly Favoured.
    I’m just really glad you got a word that resounded with you…

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