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The Oasis International Conference – Thirsty… Day Four!


Holla holla people!
Are you still with us on #Thirsty? I sincerely hope so 🙂
Today’s the final day and we had Pastor Ben Akabueze speak to us on “What Do You Thirst For? God’s Ways Or God’s Acts??”

As we (including me) read this, I pray we check ourselves and make changes if need be.

Being thirsty is having or showing a strong desire for something, not necessarily water.
We may all be thirsty but some thirst for the wrong things.
Many Christians are seeking what God can do for them and not His ways.
Seeking God’s hands and not His face but we don’t realize that when we know the ways of God, we can bring out His acts.

Some think that seeking God’s ways is a roundabout process and so they prefer to seek His acts and let Him Himself go by.
God’s ways are only made known to His friends… inner circle and these people are not predetermined by God, membership is by our readiness to join Him.

Psalm 103:7 ~ He revealed His character to Moses and His deeds to the people of Israel.

The people of Israel made a choice to know only the acts of God and that was what they got. Exodus 20:19
They decided to let Moses alone relate/talk to God.
Moses longed for the deep things of God. He wasn’t content to just see the glorious acts of God, He wanted to see God’s glory.
God doesn’t only reveal Himself to mighty persons in authority, He reveals Himself to everyone.


We sometimes don’t see God because we seek Him seasonally.
When things aren’t alright, we seek Him and once we get it, it’s “Lord, see you next time a need comes”.
To know God’s acts is to know about God but to know Him is to know His ways.
God isn’t you servant. You can’t say “don’t call me, I will call you”.
Yes, God serves us, but He isn’t our servant, He isn’t at our beck and call to answer our needs and then we move on afterwards.


The only want guaranteed to live life is to live by the Spirit of God.
Philippians 3:10 – Paul still wanted to know more of God, more than what He had before.
Moses knew the ways of God and that is a testimony to the fact that we can also know God.
You can’t expect to know God by using the way of the world – trial by error.
John 6:63 – We can know nothing of God if we only come by human effort.
Only the Spirit can help us on this quest to know God’s ways.
The Holy Spirit will lead us into knowledge of His ways.
Dwell in God’s word and His ways will be revealed to you.
As we spend time with God, in communion with Him, then He will reveal Himself to us.


As you leave here (as you read this final day on thirsty), be convinced that God wants to reveal His ways to us, but the question is – “DO YOU WANT IT?”
As you follow God’s ways, you won’t be bothered about God’s acts, you will realize that His ways will bring about His acts.


I and Pastor Nat

I and Pastor Nat

We also had Pastor Nathaniel Bassey share some words with us as we worshipped.
He said… There is a Holy ghost wifi and every time you worship, you bring heaven down.
Too many of us want platforms, we want to minister every where but we don’t want to cook ourselves and prepare ourselves in God.
Read the word of God, retain and remain in the word of God which has delivered you from bondage. – Galatians 5:1, 2Corinthians 3:17
Repeat it when you are tempted and satan will flee from you…
Has anyone noticed yet how fulfilling your quest for God is synonymous with feeding on the word of God?
And how ironic it is that, that is the exact same thing that we don’t feed on.
Remember how the first day of thirsty dwelled on how satan replaces the thirst for God and thirst for the word of God with something else when he wants to derail us?
Ah, we have got to be careful… very careful.
It’s not easy(I can testify to that) but when you feel yourself going down the deep hole, prioritize your affections and make a conscious effort to come back to God’s word(note to self too)
God help us all.


Anita, me, Daniel, Queenie, David, and Nancy with Pastor Nathaniel bassey

Anita, me, Daniel, Queenie, David, and Nancy with Pastor Nathaniel bassey

So thank you all for reading along with the chronicles of thirsty, I do hope that everyone with a hunger in the Spirit got something to run with. And even if it’s as little a change as reading one chapter of the Bible a day that we make, then let it be done.

I’m not done yet though, as much as I write for you all, I write for myself too and this chronicle of “thirsty” is for my soul too. For me to come back here everytime I feel “dry”.

I do not ever want to forget this weekend so let me make the experience gotten there complete by sharing pictures here. Yeah 🙂




Joy, joy, joy..shine ya 32

Joy, joy, joy..shine ya 32

I also went for Nathaniel Bassey’s album launch and oh… If you weren’t there, you missed!
I will share a song for you to download on google though.
Glowreeyah and Nathaniel Bassey’s Miracle worker.
Yes, thank me later.


I and Queenie at the album launch

I and Queenie at the album launch

Again, if you are new here or if you missed the previous days chronicles, don’t dull your Spirit please.

Read day one of “Thirsty” here
Read day two here

And read day three here if you missed it.


From top to bottom, Donald and then the ones "chopping rice".lol

From top to bottom, Donald and then the ones “chopping rice”.lol


Till my next post,
Much love,

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    Vincent Gloria
    December 18, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    Whew… Great and may God give us the grace for sustainance. Amen. Ma Bishop said something towards d end of Shiloh dis year, dat serving God is hard work and I say that hard work(deligence)pays well…tnx again Frances

  • Reply
    Frances Okoro
    December 18, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    Thank you Gloria 🙂
    And I echo amen to your prayers too.

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