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The Marriage Covenant

Dear sweet ladies and gentlemen,

I would love to share my story with you about how God had me on the floor bawling my eyes out and consecratingconsecrating my marriage for His use…but instead I would rather on the importance of having a covenant with God as regards your marital destiny. I trust the Holy Spirit to also share what He would have us know.


“My covenant I will not break, Nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips.”
Psalms 89:34 NKJV

The nature of a marriage on its own is one of covenant. A marriage isn’t a transaction, a marriage is a covenant made between two people which they are bound by.

The nature of a covenant in the sight of God is one which cannot be altered. So we remember the Israelites annoying God over and over again in the wilderness but God being determined to bring them into the promise land simply because He had made a covenant with Abraham,  Isaac and Israel


Our God is not a God who lies and when God makes covenants with you, He keeps it.


Now some of us went on our way for a while – maybe before becoming born again or even after. We entered into relationships without God’s hands and approval on them and we were basically scared to let God have His way in our love lives.

But God has shown me that entering into a covenant with Him as regards our marital destiny is one that we will never regret.

What does this mean?


It means that we have surrendered our marital destiny for His use and His will.

It means that we go with what He wants and not what our flesh wants and we understand that this is better for us because He will NEVER harm us or give us a wrong choice.

It also means that God is covenanted to ingraft your marriage into Himself forever. It means that any time anything arises, you can go to God and remind Him of His covenant with you as regards marriage. It means that the burden has been rolled away from your shoulders when it comes to having a marriage that is good and will glorify God. You will do your part but God is also committed to you to do His part – provided you remain submitted to Him.


How do we make this covenant?


First by surrender. Surrender your head strong will.

Then commit. Commit to your marriage being for His use and kingdom and for His hands to cover your home and not yours.


The joy that God is in charge of your marital destiny is one that cannot be quantified.

You will never regret making a decision to be tied to God as regards your marital destiny.

Even if you are single, you will know tou are covered because you have this covenant with God and God cannot lie.

Such comfort!



Recommended Read: Marriage Covenant by Derek Prince.



Till next time on Frances’ Love Letter,

Much love,


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