I remember the first time I started walking in my DESTINY in the year 2015… the road that led me down there would be a too long journey to tell in this email. For today, I want to focus on this particular story.

So God helped me and I found myself here, where I had not only released my first book but in the process of releasing it, I also started my NGO for teenagers and youths.
I was looking for a bookshop where my books could be stocked and so I went to a bookshop at The Palms Mall Surulere and I went with a friend.
While speaking with the bookshop owner, I found myself tripping on my words, stuttering and fearful. I was literally afraid.
When I was done, I didn’t think I would be called back (and I wasnt). My friend looked at me and asked me “why were you shaking and afraid?” and I replied that “I didn’t know”.
The truth was that I knew. I was fearful and afraid because I was feeling like an impostor. I didn’t even like how my book looked; ‘who told you that you are an author Frances? You can’t be”.. and when I stood in front of someone to project myself as the person God has made me, I was afraid. I became scared. What if she can see through me?
Today, I have written nine books and counting with many copies being ordered by readers even outside Nigeria along with many testimonies to healing and the work  God has used those books to achieve in many lives… But it started with me feeling like an “impostor”.
I have learnt something in my life so far; and that is the fact that who I am and who God calls me to be is so different from what I have ever done. THERE IS A LOT HE HAS PUT IN ME waiting to be unveiled to the world and just like I birthed a book that started my MAIN JOURNEY to TRULY living as a scribe for the Lord, so also has God gone ahead to SHOW ME WHO I TRULY AM AND WHO HE HAS MADE ME TO BE.
And every time I come to a cross roads or a NEW SEASON beckons, He shows me again HOW TO BIRTH. That out of me shall come things the world has never seen and that if I FOLLOW GOD, I WILL KEEP STUNNING MYSELF WITH THE WONDERS THAT HE BRINGS OUT OF ME.
I WANT TO INVITE YOU into this life of BIRTHING where God shows you WHO YOU REALLY AND TRULY ARE.
SO MANY WOMEN are STUCK. They have never really seen any ‘wonder’ coming out from the inside of them. And when God calls them who they are, they feel like impostors.
God wants to show you who you are from before the beginning of time.
He wants to UNVEIL YOU TO YOU.
I invite you to join us for BIRTHING MEETING this Saturday, February 1st 2020 here in Lagos Nigeria.
God is tired of seeing His women living below their potentials, seeing but never touching, conceiving but never having, coming into a place of knowledge but never experiencing.
It is with my whole heart I invite you for this meeting.
It would SHOW YOU WHO YOU ARE and this is at the very fore-front of the Holy Spirit’s heart for us.
Expect the outbreak of the Holy Spirit.
Expect to be shown VISIONS of yourself and what you can do and have been called to do and BECOME.
Expect to be empowered and GIVEN STRENGTH FOR THE JOURNEY. And expect to be followed up with the ONLINE ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP AFTERWARDS.
We can only take in 30 women and we are praying that God brings in these 30 women EXACTLY to us.
Please register to secure your seat by using the link here
We will begin to send venue details to ONLY registered participants from tomorrow Tuesday January 28th 2020.
If you have a sister who you feel needs to be here, please invite her in also.
God bless you.
With all my love,
Pst Hephzibah Frances
The Deborah Generation
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