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The Davidic Virtue…

It may not seem like it but David was an ordinary man like everyone of us.so I wonder what was it about him that made him so special to God?
That made God set him on high above all others?
That made God declare that He will raise his dynasty above all others?
That made God call him in his own words “a man after my own heart”?
He was a mere man like us,why was he so favoured by God?Me thinks it was because of a blend of a lot of things.

(1) David knew how to enter into God’s presence-Whenever he came to God,he came singing praises on his lips! Kai,David get mouth!!
The words he used were enough to totori anybody.
Check this out-2Samuel 7:22-“how great thou art O sovereign Lord! There is none like u!we have never heard of another God like you!”
Mhen,like seriously,the guy can praise for state!remember he was even dancing naked when the ark of God was being brought to jerusalem(2Samuel 6)David didn’t care!
He danced so much that his clothes were falling off!he was praising his God And there was no way God’s spirit could not be lifted when he heard that.

(2)God knows that we are mere humans and we may sin but the difference was that where David sinned he knew how to go back to God.
2 samuel 12:13-“and David confessed to Nathan,”I have sinned against the Lord” God himself says that ‘a broken and contrite spirit,he won’t despise”
Where Saul resorted to being defensive,ie, “I kept d best for sacrifice to God”, David immediately says,I have sinned Lord,and I am sorry” and that is all God needs! Nothing else.

(3)David longed for God with all his heart.
He says “like a deer pants for water,so my soul pants for the Lord”.
like seriously,this guy will literally not eat wen God was angry with him.he would clothe himself with sack clothes begging God to forgive him.God was as important to him as that.
His God was numero onu.
When time reach,he would forget his wealth(and d guy was wealthy o),forget all his wives and kids and all he sees is his God.

(4) after totori(ing) God with praises,David knew how to ask for what he wanted.He will remind God of what he has done before and he knew with no iota of doubt that God could do it again.he never forgot that “nothing is impossible with God”.he knew that his God is above all situations and that God cannot fail him.
The Bible says that “without faith no man can please God” and David had faith for a whole nation sef!

(5)David understood the concept of giving.
He said “I will not give to my God whatever costs me nothing!”
Wow! Powerful statement!
In this day and age when almost everybody prefers to give God “oshofree”,David declared that he cannot and will never do that.
When the Ark of God was being brought back to Jerusalem,after 6steps,David would sacrifice a bull and a fattened calf.like seriously??!
He recognised that all he had was from God and wasn’t scared to give it all back to him.
No holding back,all giving reins released!

(6)David always,always sought the consent of God before doing anything.
Every time they had to go to war,David would always ask,”Lord,should we go?will you give them into our hands”? As powerful as he was in Israel then,he knew that if God says no,no man can say yes.every step he took,he made sure God was with him.he never acted of his own accord.he knew d power to suceed was from God only and he followed God’s leading to the latter!…

I am sure that if you check David’s life for yourself,you will see many more virtues I may have overlooked that David had.
But the main thing is,look at your self,do you have these virtues listed out? I know we will say;”they plenty o!”
But a man like us had them and you know what God did with his life naa?
God called him,a man after my own heart!
He raised Jesus from his dynasty!
He made his name famous in all the earth,till today sef,we still use him as a case study(see wetin I just do so).
He promised him a lineage that will not die and he delivered on His promise.

Them say God nor get favourite but we can see from David’s story that there are people that just gladdens God’s heart.
Will you be one of such??

As for me,quick,quick,I don dey try to inculcate these virtues,nor be only David fit to enjoy God like that,me too wan join! Join us too ooo!

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