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Thanksgiving 101: This God Is Too Good Oh!

Philippians 4.6-7
“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”


Did you read last week’s online Bible study on the blog?
Remember what gave birth to the study? The deal about publishing my books?
Well, I held on to my faith and was simply confessing what Mark 11:22-24 said we should do, which is thanksgiving.
I have been thanking God and I am still thanking God for the physical manifestation of what I have received in my spirit already.



I read thegracdmisfit comment on this post and I knew that I wanted today’s study to be done in form of thanksgiving – thanksgiving for things we haven’t gotten physically.
It’s been a long time since we did this on the blog and the last one we did was last year’s #WeWorship and I have seen most of what I thanked God for there done.
The funny thing is I don’t know whether I should go with the plan of thanking God for what we haven’t gotten again because yesterday saw God bombarding me with favour.
I had the testimonies coming in left, right and centre. I knew that I would get my physical manifestation before my birthday on September 6th but God just mega surprised me.
I was so bawled over, I was crying in the office as each call came in and messages came in. I know that when I give my testimony in Church on sunday I won’t be able to hold back my tears. God has surprised me, He has surprised me. He has made me know again and again that faith is real and He has let me know that it’s His favour, and not by my works.
I can’t share my testimony yet but the book release is on September 24th by God’s grace and hopefully then, my heart can speak forth the words.

I think it’s better that I got physical manifestation( and more still coming) of my faith before today, just maybe to encourage someone out there that faith is real if you’d just hold on and oh let nothing stop you from worshiping God along with us for what you haven’t gotten physically.
Thanking God for what you haven’t gotten physically is faith in action you know?
That’s my weapon in this walk. Anytime I think of my request, I thank God for it and I want us to do same here today.
You are not allowed to complain or grumble about what you are in faith for from today onwards.
If you haven’t asked God for it yet, you can read this study we did on Mark 11, ask God for it, boost up your faith and then come back here to join in thanksgiving for it.

Like #WeWorship was, I will go first.
Every other person, please comment below with what you are thanking God for and I will encourage us all to go through the comments and thank God on behalf of our brothers and sisters who take part in this.


(1) Lord I thank you because I have everything I need to walk in purpose.
Thank you for provision for “10steps to walking in purpose”.
Thank you for provision for my trip to Ghana this year where I will hold an awakening youths seminar and give out free copies of “10steps to walking in purpose” to the students.
(2) Thank you for my parents marriage. Thank you because they live in joy, peace and love in the presence of the Lord.
(3) Thank you for Winifred Okoro my sister who lives in you and her soul is yours.
(4) Thank you for Raymond Okoro my brother, he keeps increasing in the knowledge of you and not in the world.
(5) Thank you for Martha and every girl I met at the conference last month. Thank you because they are growing in you, satan shall never have their souls, they keep increasing in spiritual wisdom and understanding.
(6) Thank you for this blog and for everyone who reads the blog. A desire to know you more is fixed in their hearts. They draw closer to you and your life lights up their lives.
(7) Thank you for my diamond bank salary for life that I have already won.
(8) Thank you for the grant for my business from YouWin.
(9) Thank you for loving me.
I can’t not add this. Thank you for being my Father, thank you for being my Lord, my God, my husband, my king, my friend, my miracle worker, my best friend, the One whom I will love forever. My king and my Lord. My lover and my Father. My God and my Lord.
I bow down before you and I say I love You.
You are awesome. Too awesome for words to describe. Too wonderful for my own words to explain.
Thank you for the gift of speaking in tongues. Thank you for the spirit’s expression of what my heart can’t say. Thank you Lord, thank you Lord.


Last year I did the thanksgiving with fasting. Simply did not ask for anything but just praised and thanked God for everything.
I would be on a fast too today. Drop your worship and thanksgiving words/what you are thanking God for below and I will be worshiping along with everyone who comments here.


I was playing Nathaniel Bassey ft Micah Stampley’s – “This God is too good oh” as I wrote this and I can’t sing, all I can do is cry.
Hopefully, when I get to write my testimony, God will give me the words to express my thanks.
Pastor Nat said at the beginning of August that “you will experience favour that will make you weep” and all I can say is that I weep right now at God’s goodness and it’s for joy. For joy.
Daddy’s giving me my birthday gift already 🙂
September 24th the book launch date, I can perhaps say it all then.


Till next time on #OnlineBibleStudy,


P.S: Pastor Nathaniel Bassey (it seems weird to call him Pst Nat to you shey? Lol, he’s my pastor, it seems weird not to call him that) released the song he did with Micah Stampley on his birthday last week and I can’t be stingy. You can download the song by clicking here and thank me later when your throat is clogged with worship and your heart full of gratitude just like mine was as you listen to it.
Download this God is too good here.


P.P.S: Don’t forget this:
Mark 11:24
“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”


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  • Reply
    Tope BANKS
    September 2, 2015 at 10:57 am

    Thank you Lord for you have made all grace to abound towards me this month,I have all sufficiency.
    Thank you Sweerie

  • Reply
    September 2, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    WOW! Francess, I am in AWE of what God is doing in, with and through your life and blog. You are indeed a living proof of His Awesomeness and Wonderful Wonders.
    Infact, todays study is sooo apt, its almost unbelivable.
    Just last week, after a major melt down, my mum gave me a book titled”Power in Praise”. In Summary, the message of the book was to (Praise God for every single thing! The good, bad,ugly, terrible…that we have gone through & are going through in our past,present,& future life.
    Imagine my shock, there I was feeling sorry for myself as usual, and God was saying “All I want is your Praise”.
    Todays study is a confirmation that God is really all about our Praising Him.
    Without further ado, my thanksgiving list:
    1. Father, I thank You that I hear Your voice loud and clear over every area of my life.Thank You for a sense of direction and purpose being birthed in me.
    2. Thank You that the I am not confused, weak, depressed,foolish and empty anymore rather I am certain, joyful, strong,wise and filled to the brim with your love and goodness.
    3. Thank you for my sisters twin babies that we shall hold in our arms this time next year.
    4. Thank you for a miraculous job for my second sister.
    5. Thank You for direction and growth in my business and a new career path.
    6. Thank You for divine provision and financial increase in my life and family.
    7. Thank you for perfect healing in my big mummys life.
    8. Thank You for restoration and renewal of my mind in this season,
    9. Thank You that You are opening my eyes to the beauty and greatness that lies within.
    10. Thank You for the wonder of Your love, for Your shoulders that I can always lean on,for being everything and so much more to me, Thank You that I have learnt to Praise You in the storm.
    11. Thank You for this blog and the author, thank You because You are blessing her beyond words as she continues to be a blessing to us all . Thank You for filling her with fresh grace and wisdom to stand strong in You and be salt&light to her generation. Thank You for the great things You have done already and greater things You are set to do in her &through this medium.
    12. Thank You Lord, for the honour and priviledge to give You thanks. You are beautiful beyong description and to You alone be all the Glory.
    Psalm92:1 – It is good to give thanks to The Lord, and to sing Praises to Your Name, O most High!.

    P.S. Sorry for my long comment, I couldn’t help it:)

  • Reply
    Highly Favored
    September 2, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    Amen, Amen. Thank you prayers are so freeing to the spirit. I join you in thanking God for what He is doing with you and through you.

  • Reply
    Gbemisola Akinola
    September 2, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    Thank you Jesus for the grace to stay joyful and happy all the days of my life.
    Thank You father for the Job offer You have given me already as I go for my interview on Friday.
    Thank You for Tayo Sunday’s beautiful children as they come forth from next year (2016). Thank You for I am now an aunt to wonderful boys and girls.
    Thank You for my parents’ marriage, for their happiness, joy, and peace.
    Thank You Yahweh for my brother and sisters’ marriages and career; we have more than enough and we are lenders to nation.
    In Jesus name i worship.

  • Reply
    September 2, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Thankyou God for the gift of life….. thankyou Lord for this blog,,,,it still amazes me how i came to be part of this family.
    Thankyou Lord for the opportunity to study in Daystar university. Thankyou Lord for the gift of family and friends. Thankyou Abba for Your WONDERFUL LOVE…..you still love me with all my imperfections. Am amazed by your works.Thankyou Lord….for being the one that never gives up on me

  • Reply
    Grace Esedeke
    September 2, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    Thank you Lord for the grant for my business from YouWIN… I still feel I have not thanked Him enough for this. YouWIN 3 was a life saver for me. God brought it at the nick of time.

    Thank you Lord for the new blogging buddies I have found here. I have been on a long search for Christian bloggers from Nigeria. Yesterday I found a handful of them, of which Frances was one.
    Thank you Lord for all the named and unnamed things you have done for me, and this nation. We are indeed grateful.

    Thank you Lord for Frances and for this post you inspired her to write, Thank you for more inspirations that will come to her.

  • Reply
    September 2, 2015 at 3:59 pm

    Doh! Doh! Doh! Ogene doh! Ogene doh!
    I almost cannot sing that song without crying o! Because this God is just toooooo good o!

    Yesterday, I entered a bus to Ikorodu(instead of one straight to Igbogbo) and I was grumpy at first cuz I asked them before entering the bus. I even wanted to get down and enter the one going straight to Igbogbo. But, the Spirit asked me to sit back down and be joyous till I get home!
    Later did I realize that entering that bus was a total blessing! I would have peed on myself in I had entered a bus to Igbogbo because it’s take long before people fill up the bus. But within a short time I was already home and ran straight to the toilet!
    This might seem little, but I was filled with gratitude that I “mistakenly” entered that bus.

    Father, I thank you for who you are!
    I thank you for daily blessings and grace.
    I thank you for the lovely lovely friends you’ve gifted me this year!
    I thank you for my parents whose marriage will still blossom with love before they depart earth.
    I thank you for my sisters and the mighty places you’ve promised to take them.
    I thank you for me. Hmm, where will I start!
    I thank you for Mobolaji, for saving her. For showing her the kind of love she never ever knew existed. I thank you for all your promises and where you’re taking me.
    I thank you for Frances! Oh, I thank you for Frances! And for daily teaching her things she shares on this blog with others.

    Words are never enough, but, baba we say, ogene doh!

  • Reply
    Frances Okoro
    September 2, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    I won’t go into how my almost missing clearance today was worth putting up this post(it was my fault sha but don’t tell anybody).
    Seriously, I am seeing a community of believers here – one that I have always only dared to dream about… my today have been full of thanksgiving and same for everyone whose comment’s here.
    I imagine our thanks isn’t just faith in action but makes Daddy smile.
    God bless us all and keep us in Him…always, in Jesus name, amen.

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