Anuoluwapo Ola

February 26, 2017

Frances Okoro, Honestly, you have written a book from the heart that is impressed with the hand of God. As I read through “Prayers for My Future Husband”, I was drawn intermittently into prayers which I believe is the intent of every Spirit-led writing.

This book has not been written to prove that the author is a superwoman who wants to help other women. No! It is that of a weak woman who has been graced by God, who has slipped off at a point and slept off rather than pray. This author also does not feel like praying at times but she still goes ahead to pray- that makes two of us. The root of a successful marriage is Godliness and not loneliness. She encourages that we deal with loneliness by enjoying the fullness of Godliness.

I am a bit excited that you are calling the kids by name already. It is good to name our miracles before they happen. Hope Your man does not come up with new names though. *Smiles*. But the purpose of God is what is far more important.

It will be a great material for Singles Fellowship and honestly for Couples who would love to stir the waters once more. Thank you Frances for using your walk with God to inspire us. Thank you for being vulnerable so we can be strengthened. Thank you!

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