Adesewa NYSC Review

December 12, 2017

“MAKING A DIFFERENCE WITH YOUR NYSC YEAR” is an awesome book by the one and only Frances Okoro @hephzibahfrances

I celebrate the grace of God on Frances who has taken a lot of gumption to address the many issues confronting Nigerian Youths about the NYSC scheme. As at I when I read this book I began to wish I had read it even before I was mobilized to camp…Nevertheless I’m still game.

I would recommend this book to all youths who will be or has been mobilised for NYSC and even for those serving presently. (I’m sure some of us wished NYSC was scrapped before we were mobilized…we wish??)

The first chapter of this book has its title as “Dethroning the Biggest Obstacle to Making a Difference with Your NYSC year” – this biggest obstacle is your mindset. You’ll get to see more on this in the book.

Frances takes her time to explain how your NYSC is not just any normal year of your life but a year of fulfilling the destiny God has put in your hands by doing something remarkable wherever you are.

She also explains how to make a difference with:

1: Your time

2: Your allowance

3: Your business

4: Life after NYSC 

Finally, she puts you through the process of engaging in a Personal Community Development Service (personal CDS).

One of the important things I picked from this book is the fact that being frustrated with NYSC will do you no good (especially if you have been posted to some place you don’t like and all hopes of redeploying or relocating have gone down the drain).

The best you can do is to make it a worthwhile year for you; A YEAR TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE AND IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS.

It’s really a great book I tell you… and guess what!!!
You can download this amazing book for FREE today from

This is me encouraging you to read this book and enlighten yourself on how to spend the next one year of your life.
You’ll be glad you did!!

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