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#Purposeful Living

On The Purpose Walk: Build With Me

Hey hi hi. How are you doing? And how’s the walk in what God has told you to do been going?   So this past week we had TwtwTravelAndTour trip to Omu resort and we were just two ladies who were there! I had done all I knew to do. I had prayed, sent out social media posts, prayed, released the Word and sent out the ministering angels to bring in the harvest and here was I with just one…

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Guest Posts

Daniel Nwabuzor: The Tale Of A Nigerian Child

I could have easily ignored all urge to pen these concerns of mine, besides I have been reputed to be a lazy writer, but this time around I had to fight all odds to have this written. Children, I know have their challenges,but I wouldn’t have been more bittered when I had a platform to speak to them on career and academics and could visibly see through their naïve face – kids who have been starved of proper parental upbringing,kids…

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Awakening Youths

Awakening Youths 2015 Begins…

Hello everyone! So our first #AwakeningYouths event for the year was held last week! And this is me giving us the details on it like I promised to do on our blog plans for 2015 post. Where do I start from with this though? Of course with God. I got home after the event and I was thinking “God you are awesome. Who would have thought that this broken girl of years past could be used for you in such…

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