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Daniel Nwabuzor: The Tale Of A Nigerian Child

I could have easily ignored all urge to pen these concerns of mine, besides I have been reputed to be a lazy writer, but this time around I had to fight all odds to have this written. Children, I know have their challenges,but I wouldn’t have been more bittered when I had a platform to speak to them on career and academics and could visibly see through their naïve face – kids who have been starved of proper parental upbringing,kids…

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Awakening Youths NYSC Youths Speak

Youths Speak: Odunayo Adeneye

Swoosh! I am excited! I’m finally starting up the Youths Speak section under awakening youths on the blog. Yep, an idea came to me to interview youths who are amazing young people. The aim of this segment is to let you see that there are still great youths who are doing great things in Nigeria. I hope to get us to stop whinning and start living forth our potentials wherever we may find ourselves.   So I met Odunayo-our guest…

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