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Awakening Youths

Awakening Youths 2015 Begins…

Hello everyone! So our first #AwakeningYouths event for the year was held last week! And this is me giving us the details on it like I promised to do on our blog plans for 2015 post. Where do I start from with this though? Of course with God. I got home after the event and I was thinking “God you are awesome. Who would have thought that this broken girl of years past could be used for you in such…

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#Purposeful Living

Cast All Fears Aside!

Happy new month everyone! The year’s running at a high speed already! Do I need to ask you all how far with your goals or not? You know we do things differently on this blog. We don’t set goals and leave them to rot. If you haven’t been doing anything about your goals, then I’ll really be crestfallen. Does that mean that monday’s inspirational drive and everything here has not helped you in anyway? I hope not. For me, you…

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Awakening Youths Lessons Learnt From Walking In Purpose

The Thin Line Between Fulfilling Your Purpose In God And Doing It For A Buck

Hello lovely people! How’s your week been going so far? It’s been great with me and on the blog yes? 🙂 But you’d agree with me that it’s about time we take a little break from Youths Speak so that I can give you all some updates on my personal project matters right? It’s been amazing to see the dreams of Odunayo and Gloria (see interviews here and here if you haven’t) but I think I should share a lesson…

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