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Discipline: The Struggle To Stay On The Path

The struggle is real people. Right now, even typing this post is a struggle. I feel very tired from jogging this morning and that brings me to where this post is stemming from. First of all, hi everyone.. especially old blog readers. Oh, you guys know my struggle with this exercise and weight loss thing. Started in 2013, peaked in 2014, I fell off the radar, opened a door I shut before and now I am here wondering how to…

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#Purposeful Living Christian Weightloss

Na Today You Wan Start?

I think she was bent on having me eat something that day… Out of her good intentions of course. She didn’t know that I was trying to cultivate self-control as regards food so she offered me groundnut, I said no. She offered me meat pie, I said no. She offered me rice, and it took all of me to say no. Then she asked why I didn’t want to eat and I told her I was on a weight loss…

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