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Personal Memoirs

Gratitude For A Year Of Surpassed Goals

I’ve re-read my goals for the year and re-read the evaluation of my goals for last year… and the truth is I’ve been trying to write an evaluation of my 2015 goals since the week began but just can’t seem to find the words… It’s 10:30am right now and I have to put up this post so it can go out in email notifications by 11am and I still don’t have any words to put in the evaluation of my goals…

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Frances's Love Letters Love&Relationships

The Most Important Thing To Consider When Choosing A Spouse

  Dear Abimbola, This letter has been ringing in my heart for you… I realize that I stayed silent throughout our conversation about your “relationship dilemma”. I kept quiet because I was praying for wisdom on what to tell you but then I also kept thinking “why, but she’s missing it…” I just didn’t know how to tamper my words with love so you get my point and not get defensive… So I decided to write to you. Somehow my…

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#Online Bible Study

A Life Poured Out As An Offering To God

2Timothy 4.6-8 “As for me, my life has already been poured out as an offering to God…”   All I really want to do is close my eyes and drift into lala land as I type this. I have had a busy day/week so far. Yesterday, I had to move from school to school carrying a heavy bag with my laptop because I spent sunday night at NCCF family house and didn’t even go to my house before I had…

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#Purposeful Living Share Your Story; Own Your Brokenness Series

Introducing: Share Your Story; Own Your Brokenness Series

I started scouting for articles for this series in March with no idea that just like the Chastity For Men series, God wanted me to start with my own story. I got articles from two persons and would have run the series if one of the people I asked to write in didn’t hold me up. Looking back now, I can tie up the delay with God just working in me to the point where He could ask me to…

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#Purposeful Living

Let’s Analyze The Thing About Plans, Purposes And Pursuits

Happy New Week blog hearts! How was your weekend? And how has your day been so far? Mine has been spent in rush, from prayers to exercising to climbing the hill to writing this blog post. Talk about having a lot to do in the morning 🙂 Thank you so much for your soothing words in my last post. The words made me let go of the guilt at my laziness/procrastination with my goals and gave me the push to…

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