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How Red Lips Got Away

Dear all, How have you guys been? I am writing this letter to you from the basket of love in my heart(that sounds so cheesy but it’s true..) I am so sorry I’ve been silent for a while but I’ve sure been thinking of you all… And I’ve also been thinking of the perfect love letter to write to you today… you see, I have a whole lot of them and it’s kinda hard to chose… But I thought it’s…

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A Prayer For Her…

I just watched one of Tyler Perry’s movies-“For Coloured Girls” (I know, I know, old news, I am way out of date) but I still feel pained in my heart… I feel pain in my heart for the woman with the abusive  man she couldn’t leave and who finally murdered her kids by throwing them out of the window of a 5 storey building… For the woman who had a terrible childhood of molestation from her granddad and who uses sex-one…

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