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Richard Abe: Men And Sexual Chastity

Dearies, I believe you all had a great week? We are still on the matter of trying to spread the word on #ChastityForMen on the blog and today we have a fellow brother sharing with us all on sex. I almost titled this post “the consequences of pre-marital sex and as you read along, you will see why. I’ll let you read and learn and be changed from the inside out for yourself. Ladies(yes, I’m aware that we have ladies…

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Another Reason Why We Should Marry Well

In the midst of the Holy Ghost filled atmosphere, something/many things caught my attention and one of them was her. A little kid, a little girl, not more than 6/7 years old, speaking into the atmosphere like the pastor said we should, walking around and praying in the spirit. I could tell that she knew exactly what she was doing and for the one hour plus we stayed there, she wasn’t tired, she did not sit down, she kept praying……

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