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Last Week At NLS Lagos

I have been thinking of the intro for this post for a long time. I wanted to make my “grand re-entry” into the blogosphere on monday (allow me to hype myself, lol) but sadly, I couldn’t. Somehow, I felt like my muse for writing this post was at the beach and since I couldn’t go to the beach on monday like I planned to, I just had to postpone writing to whenever I feel like writing and honestly, I haven’t…

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#Purposeful Living Personal Memoirs

I Can Do All Things…

And soooooo *drum roll*…………………………. I am back!!! And I am not just back, I am strong, hale and healthy!! Full of smiles and basking in glory! Oh, thank God for giving me health and cure like He promised He would in  Jeremiah 33;6. I can’t thank God enough for the love that surrounded me throughout last week, from my personal nurse Faith my roommate, to Kelechi who didn’t let the strongggg Law School clinic bed to put friendship asunder but…

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#Purposeful Living


Ah, can I just testify as to how great it is to be able to blog from my phone again? Like on the go?? Praise the Lord!! My q10 hasn’t arrived sha but my phone didn’t go bad after all, the battery’s still acting up, the phone still misbehaves and I lost ALL my unpublished write ups but no matter, I am just super glad to be able to blog on the go again. Ah, with the hectic schedule I…

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