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#Online Bible Study

Knowing God || His Goodness

In my relationship with the Lord, I have found out that there are a few things that I struggle with. One of them is His faithfulness. Another is His goodness. I have so many testimonies of God’s goodness; one of them being the way He provides for me and sees to my every need. I literally have testimonies of God’s miraculous hand of provision in my life, even as regards the little things. Little things like transport fare or just…

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Personal Memoirs

Dear Diary: I Love The Way He Loves Me

I spent a lot of time thinking about God yesterday. Actually, it started the day before. I have been having an overwhelming desire for something lately and sometimes when I think about it, I wound up with questions in my heart. Will God really give me this? Do I deserve it? I don’t deserve it. I ached so bad, trying to really wonder whether or not I can dare to believe that my Father will give me something so good.…

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