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Valentine’s Day Of a Single Nigerian Girl

Dear blog readers, family, friends and loved ones, I’m not sure of where to start from with today’s letter. Ok, first of all, how are you all? How was your day? Happy Valentine oh!   I didn’t forget to write today’s love letter, I have just been BUSY! Yep, I have been BUSY even as a single girl on valentine’s day. But let’s get the serious stuff off the ground before I give y’all the main gist. I woke up…

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Personal Memoirs

Love Conquers All!

  I have never given you guys the full story about my family. If you are an ardent blog reader though, then you might have found snippets of some write ups saying that my father and mother re-married again after 14years apart. That testimony is one I have not fully written yet… Someday though, someday. What most of you will see is JUST the testimony, no one else knows that the fact that God reunited your family does not mean…

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