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Follow my blog with Bloglovin The Night I gave my life to Christ was a dark and cloudy night indeed. That night I had once again had an ugly argument with my then boyfriend. He was smelling of igbo so that meant that he had either taken it or sat close to people who took it (as he would say). Either ways, his anger was fierce as usual for something stupid I had done, which was collecting the number of…

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In A Relationship: Am I Worthy Of A Good Man?

Once upon a time, because of my past and abortions I had had, I really and truly doubted that God would bless me with a good man. And not only that, but also because of the fact that I had pretty low self-esteem issues. I spoke about this in our post last week. Who would want or accept a girl like me? Would any man in his right senses really want me? With all my flaws? Am I good enough…

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