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Same Trap; Different Guy

Something happened recently in my life that caused me to go back in time to this evergreen lesson God gave to me at a time when I was a “hot cake” during my NYSC YEAR. I had this guy who was toasting me then…he was all like “I like you, I like the way you are a Christian and you will really help me in my walk with Christ etc etc. I used to tell him no to his question…

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Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 1

As at the time I wrote this in February, I personally felt like I had being listening to too much marriage and relationship talks and I was thirsty for career/take on the world/live in purpose talks… But I opened my Bible that morning and the lessons the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see just kept pouring in and it hasn’t stopped. As at on Monday when I re-read the passage in preparation for this series, new revelations kept springing…

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