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I Am A Christian; I Don’t Ask Guys Out!

So as a young girl growing up with all sorts of mushy feelings, I used to “pursue” guys. I remember one of those failed relationships that I had begun from the guy giving me his BBM pin on Facebook to add him up. I DID. Then he gave me his number to call him, I DID. When it came to the time where I was eager to see him, he asked that I come to where he was, I DID.…

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About the book: After spending almost 20 years of her life not knowing God, committing two abortions and finally coming to the knowledge of God at almost 20 years of age, Hephzibah Frances realized and decided that her children should have a better experience with the Lord. Have you ever imagined raising children who love the Lord; who serve Him with all of their hearts? Have you wished that your seeds would lift up God’s name to their generation? Have…

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