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Chronicles Of My November 12 Trip Challenge: Nike Art Gallery, Lagos

Hi everyone! TGIF!!! I hope you guys are sticking it out in full gear till the very end of 2015? 🙂   Like I mentioned in the chronicles of my August 12 trip challenge yesterday, I’m going to share details from my #12TripChallenge for 2015. I would be using Thursdays and Fridays to get it all done so I don’t have backlog of posts from 2015.   I’m sorry that I’m skipping September and October to write on November… but…

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Personal Memoirs

Chronicles Of My Last Week In Ekiti State (The End Of My NYSC Year)

I would have said “my last week as a youth corper” in the title above but technically I passed out of NYSC since October 15th (yes, I know I didn’t blog about it, but you guys know I love chronicling my life on the blog so we’ll see how this week will go for that). I’m traveling out of Ekiti State today, like finally finally except something brings me back here and I can’t help but be so thankful to…

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