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paul’s charge to Timothy

Chastity For Men Project (Series) Frances's Love Letters Love&Relationships

Introducing: Chastity For Men Project

Dear lovers of Frances’s love letters,   There are some few things that I have begged God not to let me share about my life till a certain time. There are some dark things that He has pulled me out of that I have literally told Him not to bid me share till so and so time. And what you are about to read is one of them.   I am all for speaking about Christ. I mean, the knowledge…

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#Online Bible Study

Have You Learned How To Live On Almost Nothing?

Hello fellow lovers of God’s word! Welcome to another #OnlineBibleStudy. Today, we’ll be delving into something that affects us all at one time or the other.   On friday last week, I was a bit dry financially. I was so dry, so much so that I didn’t have the 50naira it would take to get me home from the office. I went to the office in faith, hoping that my boss will “dash” me something but “no show” OYO was…

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