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#Online Bible Study

Knowing Jesus More Intimately

Hi everybody, I hope your week has been awesome so far? Revved up spiritually and not dumping God in a corner? But fellowshipping with Him as you should? Yes.   Today’s Bible study is one that I need also,…

#Online Bible Study

Holding Onto The Promises Of God

Hey there! Welcome to my favorite segment on the blog. Our #OnlineBibleStudy! I can hear you say that it’s your favorite segment too. Oh yes? 🙂 Today’s Bible Study was done on sunday(if you follow our blog facebook page,…

#Online Bible Study

You Are The Blessed Of The Lord

So I mentioned in my last post that I was at a conference at Akure this past week. It was organized by Pastor Funke-felix Adejumo, a women conference and it was just awesome. We just rounded up a powerful…

#Online Bible Study

Do You Look Like Jesus?

I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve tried and tried to write a Bible study on God’s love and it just won’t come out right. I mean, I get insight on it but something’s missing. I replied to Vicky’s comment…