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Can We Make This Month Of Love Different?

I’ve being planning to write this post for like ever. Inspiration comes while I am in the bathroom and goes when I rush off for class with the law textbooks till 4pm and of course I just have to steal some sleep after that before group meeting at 6pm and reading again….You know how it goes….bla bla bla… Anyhoos, how have you guys been? I am presuming you all are splendidly awesome because that makes me feel better…. Ehen, I…

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#Online Bible Study

Blasting In Tongues Of Insults…

Hello Everyone! How’s your week been so far? Amazing yeah? Sorry I haven’t posted since eh,I’ve been up to my neck stuck in here…. Monday-Friday,Na Here! I noticed “one not so good something” that happens with us virtuous ladies this week.It has occurred up to two times in my presence this week and I think that we should talk about it. You see…

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Yes,This Is The Man I Want To Marry;Any Problem??

This is my choice ooo! Hello,hello,hello sweeries!!! I know I haven’t posted since monday and I’ve missed you all so much. Hope you’ve all had a great week?? Don’t mind Nigerian law School(NLS) o,its their fault. They threw me off for a bit with postings and all what nots.And you know that means money and preparations things(or you don’t know??ah,go and check their website for the fees and all) Btw,I was posted to Lagos like I prayed for so I…

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