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Nigerian Law School Lagos campus

Personal Memoirs

Last Week At NLS Lagos

I have been thinking of the intro for this post for a long time. I wanted to make my “grand re-entry” into the blogosphere on monday (allow me to hype myself, lol) but sadly, I couldn’t. Somehow, I felt like my muse for writing this post was at the beach and since I couldn’t go to the beach on monday like I planned to, I just had to postpone writing to whenever I feel like writing and honestly, I haven’t…

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#Purposeful Living

Living Forth Greatness…

So Lizzie waited till it was a few minutes to 12am before she told me yesterday was her birthday. *sigh* All is well Happy Birthday Lizzie of life, may more greater years filled with laughter yeah? Amen. Yesterday was also my cute sister’s birthday, one of the few beautiful girls I know who does not see beauty as something to shakara about. And as much as I tried yesterday, I couldn’t upload the video I recorded in church with my…

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