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His Fiction Series

New Christian Fiction Series: Dun-Dun

DUN-DUN Life Of A Belly Dancer My name na Akpevwe. The Dun-Dun 1 of Oshare Kingdom. This na my story. RECOLLECTION 1 My father was a drunkard. Please read that as DRUNKARD. He forced me out of the house when I was just three. No, he didn’t push me out of the house; what I mean by he forced me is that he made me run away. Yes, I ran away from home when I was three years old. Yes…

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Guest Posts

From A Man’s Perspective: Is It In The Nature Of All (Christian) Men To Cheat?

Last week we had an amazing guest post from Tosin on the blog centered on the issue of men being promiscuous…Christian men inclusive (click HERE if you missed it) Aj Black one of our amazing (yes I use the word “amazing” a lot) commented on the post and I felt like his words shouldn’t end as a comment alone, and we’d benefit from what he has to say on the issue. A request from me for him to make it…

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#Online Bible Study

For Everyone Desiring To Indeed Live In The Kingdom Of God

NOTE: I have uploaded better words on this topic on a video on my youtube channel here or you can watch it below…   I pass out from NYSC tomorrow, thursday October 15th 2015 and yes, I can’t help but sing God’s praises. He has been ama-mazing this year. As expected, it’s the season of everyone asking the next person “what’s next?”. Everyone’s submitting CVS, and planning to move unto the next phase of their lives… Me? I know what…

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