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His Fiction Series

New Christian Fiction Series: Dun-Dun

DUN-DUN Life Of A Belly Dancer My name na Akpevwe. The Dun-Dun 1 of Oshare Kingdom. This na my story. RECOLLECTION 1 My father was a drunkard. Please read that as DRUNKARD. He forced me out of the house…

#Purposeful Living

What I Want To Be Known For

I was going to share on my upcoming FREE Ebook for aspiring authors but I am working on my laptop with the songs from Pastor Nat’s album launch playing in the background and I am just overwhelmed… So overwhelmed……

#Purposeful Living

For Those Who Are Weary In Spirit

I have not known weariness in spirit like I have experienced this past week. I don’t mean discouragement or despair, I mean just a certain tiredness and lack of motivation in my soul. I have all these ideas God…