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Nathaniel Bassey’s message on the will of God

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Join Us As We Pray For God’s Will To Be Done In Our Marital Destiny

Dear single ladies and gentlemen, I purposely wrote “single” up there (no shame, it’s a wonderful place to be), so the married ones can pass up on this post for today 😀   You know we have been on the “Preparation On How To Be A Wife 101 Series” for the past weeks and I know you’ll be expecting today’s post to be on it but it’s not (sorry). I knew that I was going to write on “God’s Will…

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#Online Bible Study

For Everyone Struggling To Do God’s Will

*And nothing is hidden from your sight, wherever I go, you’ll find me. You know every detail of my life, YOU are God and you don’t miss a thing. You know me inside and outside and have totally memorized me.”~ “Bethel Music: You know me.”     Every time I feel like my life is running out of control – my control, when things happen that I just didn’t expect, I go to Psalm 139 and feel such assurance that…

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