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#Purposeful Living

You Are Something

Originally on Bellanaija – Omawumi’s song “Be The Best I Can Be” rings in my head anytime I think of my mother. Like Omawumi, I was also a recipient of the “wash the plates, sweep the house” lessons. Of course, my mother is a Nigerian and like all Naija mothers do to their daughters, I was taught from the moment I could appear to understand the words from my mother’s lips how to work in a home, how to…

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#Purposeful Living Love&Relationships

Can We Make This Month Of Love Different?

I’ve being planning to write this post for like ever. Inspiration comes while I am in the bathroom and goes when I rush off for class with the law textbooks till 4pm and of course I just have to steal some sleep after that before group meeting at 6pm and reading again….You know how it goes….bla bla bla… Anyhoos, how have you guys been? I am presuming you all are splendidly awesome because that makes me feel better…. Ehen, I…

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