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Forgiveness: The Luke 17 Rule

About three weeks ago my heart was a mess. I had unforgiveness brimming in my soul, anger, hurt, pain and the more I left it to stew, the more I sank into a dark pit. First of all, I…

Personal Memoirs

Love Conquers All!

  I have never given you guys the full story about my family. If you are an ardent blog reader though, then you might have found snippets of some write ups saying that my father and mother re-married again…


Sit Back And Relax!

I was supposed to see someone yesterday. But then something happened and it just didn’t work out. We had to reschedule for another time. But the above is not the essence of this post, it just got me thinking…


Our First Husband + The Convo

It’s 10:38pm, it’s late, pretty late but I can’t sleep. Even after the hectic day I had, I still can’t sleep so I’ve decided to write. Friday’s Love Letters is supposed to be up today anyway so let me…


Another Reason Why We Should Marry Well

In the midst of the Holy Ghost filled atmosphere, something/many things caught my attention and one of them was her. A little kid, a little girl, not more than 6/7 years old, speaking into the atmosphere like the pastor…


Lessons From My Favourite Love story 3

Hello People! Its Friday! Last friday for rest for me before all the bruhaha starts.. Hope you’ve being following the lessons oh…or you haven’t? Ah, why na? See it here; Lessons From My Favourite Love Story 1  Lessons…