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Which One Of These Three Servants Are You?

Yesterday, I met up with some of our amazing sisters from “the Women At The Well” to pray. And as one of us raised a prayer point on God giving us the power to create wealth, ie, multiple streams of income, Matthew 25 just flashed through my mind.   “Again, the Kingdom of Heaven can be illustrated by the story of a man going on a long trip. He called together his servants and entrusted his money to them while…

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All The Deets From The Book Reading And Correctional Centre Visit

There is always someone who God uses as a divine helper to me in everything that He lays on my heart to do. I have noted this trend and I don’t take it for granted. And in the instance of the book reading/discussion on purpose that held in Lagos on December 19th, it was a very special lady called Oma. Oma will call me and say “okay what do you need? How can I help?” And after doing all that,…

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Upcoming Events On Imperfectly Perfect Lives (Book Reading And Visit To Correctional Centre)

Happy December everyone! How are you guys doing? Hope December has been an awesome month so far? It’s been an amazing year for me… so amazing! Only this year, we’ve had the book launch, the book reading/discussion on purpose at Ekiti State Correctional centre, and then the singles hangout this past month… God has been amazing but I’ve still got a bit of some events to wrap up the year with…   (1) I’ve been talking about my upcoming book…

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#Purposeful Living Christian Writers And Bloggers Corner

For Christian Writers/Bloggers: Lay Aside The Weight Of Distractions

This wasn’t supposed to be the plan today. I was supposed to share a post on my book’s virtual blog tour/giveaway. But I’ve learned to not be too stringent – so much so that God cannot use me for what He wants to do in a particular season, here and now.   On Saturday, it suddenly dawned deeply in my heart that most of the Christian blogs I read have actually been on “leave” for a while. Some of them…

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First Book Reading/Discussion On Purpose: Yes, You Are Worthy!

I can still remember that day like yesterday… I had just been given a nomination form to serve as an executive at my fellowship in the university… and my first response was NO. In fact my NO was so emphatic, it was accompanied with tears. When I was asked by the then vice president why I didn’t want to serve as an executive, I made excuses (in tears) that I wasn’t ready… But the real truth was that I felt…

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Awakening Youths Lessons Learnt From Walking In Purpose

On Purpose, Burden And Distractions

*Cleans cobwebs on the Awakening Youths section of the blog* Hello people! It’s been so quiet here yes? I’m so sorry. Of course if you read this post, you understand why I disappeared for a bit. But I am back now by God’s grace, revved up to do all that God has placed in me to do as a youth – as you should be too 🙂 I wrote this post in March but didn’t get around to posting it…

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Awakening Youths Lessons Learnt From Walking In Purpose

The Thin Line Between Fulfilling Your Purpose In God And Doing It For A Buck

Hello lovely people! How’s your week been going so far? It’s been great with me and on the blog yes? 🙂 But you’d agree with me that it’s about time we take a little break from Youths Speak so that I can give you all some updates on my personal project matters right? It’s been amazing to see the dreams of Odunayo and Gloria (see interviews here and here if you haven’t) but I think I should share a lesson…

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