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Awakening Youths NYSC Youths Speak

Youths Speak: Onansanya Oluwatobi Emmanuel

Hello all #WalkingInPurpose youths! I’m so sorry I didn’t update the Awakening-youths section of the blog last week, I got all swamped with stuff (not really, my phone was dead, but let’s pretend that stuff came I do hope that you all are still walking in line with the year’s tag right? #WalkingInPurpose? Or even if you haven’t started yet, you are right on track with plans to go all out with what God has placed in your heart…

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Awakening Youths Lessons Learnt From Walking In Purpose

The Thin Line Between Fulfilling Your Purpose In God And Doing It For A Buck

Hello lovely people! How’s your week been going so far? It’s been great with me and on the blog yes? 🙂 But you’d agree with me that it’s about time we take a little break from Youths Speak so that I can give you all some updates on my personal project matters right? It’s been amazing to see the dreams of Odunayo and Gloria (see interviews here and here if you haven’t) but I think I should share a lesson…

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Awakening Youths

The Awakening

Before I started blogging, I used to write on the back of almost all my notes. I didn’t realize that what I was writing could even be shared then, I would just scribble when inspiration hits. I asked my sister to type and send one of such scribbles last week and she sent the wrong one but today I feel it was exactly the right one to be sent. Here’s it. “August 2013 This night,sitting here in this class,I almost…

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