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Awakening Youths

Awakening Youths 2015 Begins…

Hello everyone! So our first #AwakeningYouths event for the year was held last week! And this is me giving us the details on it like I promised to do on our blog plans for 2015 post. Where do I start from with this though? Of course with God. I got home after the event and I was thinking “God you are awesome. Who would have thought that this broken girl of years past could be used for you in such…

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Guest Posts

Ayokunnumi Adeiya: After NYSC; Living-In With Parents

Staying with ones old folks has its ups and down. In as much as its appears great and it gives the appearance of a happy family, at other times, it gives the impression of a youth who can’t wait to get out of his/her parent’s reach.   The reality these days is that youths over stay in the comfort of their parents’ home especially after NYSC, this in turn makes the youth to start to feel a sense of responsibility…

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Awakening Youths NYSC Youths Speak

Youths Speak: Vincent Gloria

Hello people! You didn’t think that I forgot all about our youth section of the blog did you? If all goes well like I pray it should, the first event at the Secondary school would be held some 2hours from now (prayers needed and fingers crossed 🙂 We have a special lady as our guest for youths speak on the blog today. I met her at NYSC Camp and we were both at MDG training together. She was this dark…

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